Saturday, 22 August 2009

She's gone

Well, this morning I dropped my 10 year old off for a week long Guide camp.

I felt a little sniffly, but kept it in, and it wasn't that hard to wave her off - though this is the first time she'll have been away from me for a week but not with relatives, if you follow me.

We bought her a new rucksack for the occasion. The one hubby bought that we use on French holidays didn't really fit her needs. It has lots of external pockets perfect for suncream and bottles of water, and tags where you can hang spades and buckets. But we were told explicitly that there was to be nothing hanging off the sides, as the rucksack might snag on something while being transported to and from the campsite. So the ideal-for-the-beach bag wasn't ideal-for-the-camp.

A friend of hers is on holiday right now but heading to the camp on Monday, and we were asked to store her rucksack and bedding roll and drop it off for the coach today. Her rucksack was very compact - no hanging straps or pockets, you could even zip away the back straps for transport. Seemed ideal for this, so we sought out our own one, bought it for daughter and attached a luminous yellow ribbon to make it clear it was hers! I say compact - it's still 65 litres + a day rucksack.

We managed to fit in everything - though it will be interesting to see if daughter achieves the same on the way back! That included 4 different sets of footwear - she wore her walking boots, but also had to take wellies, trainers and water shoes, the kind that attach quite tightly to your feet, for wearing if they paddle or swim.

Add to that swimsuit, towel, 3 or 4 changes of clothes, wet weather gear, plate bag, toiletry bag...the list goes on but we crammed it all in.

Most important of all, she and I baked choc chip cookies yesterday and I sent those with her too - well you have to have provisions!

She must be there by now, putting up tents - we've been told they will be far too busy to let us know they have arrived so we've to assume no news is good news.

Ironically, I have never been to the area she is going to (note I am not naming it, I will once she returns). But my company is sending me there TOMORROW for a training course on Monday!!!

Sadly, I won't be able to visit the camp but I will be literally less than a mile away - considering the site is nearly 200 miles away from where we live, you can see why I am astounded by the coincidence.

Right, stiff upper lip - time to enjoy a week with the five year old, who is an angel when he has no-one to fight with!


TopChamp said...

Hope she has a fab time - sure she will!

What was the best pack hol theme you ever did? I liked the idea I've seen on Guiders forum - I'm a Brownie Get Me Out of Here but it's my test camp and I'm not sure putting the idea 'get me out of here' in their heads is a brilliant plan. I only have a month left now... The kids were hapy with the get me out of here thing but would have gone with Disney or High School Musical or anything else I made sound fun!

smalltownmom said...

She'll have a great time.

Anonymous said...

But can't you sneak in and spy on them?! I remember guide camps, I found my first love at one. And married him 10 years later!!

CJ xx

Strictly said...

Eek Crystal, I don't want to hear that! No boys allowed!

Kelloggsville said...

I bet she'll have the best time ever! can you let us know how the ruck sack worked for her and report on what it was? I would really appreciate that. x

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm sure she'll have a terrific time. I think Guiding might be in her blood. :-)

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