Tuesday, 4 August 2009

South African Brownies

A very different perspective from Girlguiding UK or Girl Scouts USA.

While the principles of being prepared and helping others are certainly the same, this article looks at an area with Brownies and Guides where Guiding could be the tipping point between a life where they are safe and value themselves and one where life is very different.


TopChamp said...

that's a nice article - thanks for the link.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Interesting. Makes me wonder how Girl Scouts/Guides differ in other countries as well.

Kelloggsville said...

I'm not sure how to say what I want to without sounding stupid but I don't think you should under estimate your value as a leader to your Brownies/Guides in this country and the difference you make to them. It may seem like a trivial thing compared to the problems in many countries but because of Guiding your girls are more likely to make independent decisions, stay out of trouble, say no when their peers are saying yes. It affects girls here in a big way too - it is important that girls all over the world get the opportunity to find out who they can be.

Strictly said...

You don't sound stupid and you are very kind. I'm not trivialising what I do with my girls. I do like to see how Guiding works in other countries and I am full of admiration for what leaders do across the world. Including you :-)

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