Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Newest Beaver

The newest Beaver is loving it. As you can see, he now has the uniform, there's also a neckerchief but you don't wear that till you take your promise.

So cute. I put camouflage on his eyes using Paint to protect his identity.

This week, they strung conkers and played with them, practiced making the promise salute and started a little leaflet about Beavers that will help them learn their promise.

Conkers? I love it. Exactly what six and seven year old boys should be doing of an autumn evening.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...


Kelloggsville said...

didn't the paint sting!

Tawny said...

He looks fabulous :)

alison said...

He looks so proud of himself!

Anonymous said...

Having just spent the week end at camp with 62 Beavers I can assure you he looks the part. When does he get invested?


Strictly said...

J, they said 4 weeks, so I think the week after next. Before half-term anyway. We need to practice his promise!

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