Friday, 11 September 2009

What a week!

I've had a busy week:

  • Kids went back to school. Daughter to Year 6 (last year of primary) and Son to Year 1. They've settled in again just fine, seem to like their teachers, not too worn out.

  • On Wednesday, son started Beavers. He loved it. They played football, then made fortune-tellers and he's been put in "white" - he doesn't know white what, because they are not sixes, but they do seem to be smaller groups within the colony. Just before he went, he said: "If I hate it, I can leave can't I?" I said: "Yes, when you are 8." (In other words, when he is old enough for Cubs!) He was just nervous because he's second oldest in his class, so was the only one from his class starting this term. But a friend who is only 2 weeks older who went to pre-school with him also started - this friend is actually in the year above at school because they were born on either side of the cut off date!

  • Daughter also had Tae Kwon Do as usual on Wednesday. We'll be fine the weeks my friend can take her with her own kids, it will be a struggle managing both activities other weeks, but I'll worry about that when it happens.

  • Thursday my brother, wife and their son stayed over on their way back to Scotland from Cornwall. It was great to see them again, although we'd all been at a family wedding the week before as those who know me on Facebook will already know!

  • Brownies also started back, a full house once again with 20 returning Brownies and 4 new ones. All settled well, we played Ladders then the meeting was on the theme of Girlguiding's Centenary Year. They took a sheet of card, designed their own 100 logo, cut out key bits and glued crepe paper on the back so that when you put the card in the window, the sun shines through. They were great and so varied. And it took 45 mins...I thought it would take 20-30 max! So a nice easy meeting and a chance to break in our two new leaders, Assistant Guider Puffin and Unit Helper Robin.

  • I also had to pop over to the next village to pay for the hall for my son's birthday party. Funnily enough the Brownies there were just finishing up, when I walked in, in uniform, I think the leaders thought I was volunteering!

  • Son's birthday today - he is in possession of a lot of Lego, a Star Wars lightsaber and some Science kits...he went to bed a happy boy. Party still to come.
So that's my week - are you surprised I am sitting on the sofa chilling now?


Anonymous said...

Have a look at the above link. Your son will be in White "lodge". So glad he had fun.


TopChamp said...

I hope you're now thoroughly chilled out x

Jen on the Edge said...

Sounds like a busy week, but a fun one for everyone.

My older girl's activities start this coming week and then the younger girl's start the following week. I thought her Girl Scout troop would not be re-forming, but it is after all, so she'll be a Junior this year. Now I need to go get her new vest (waistcoat, you'd call it) and other uniform pieces, as well as her handbook.

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