Friday, 2 October 2009

Brownies and Beavers

First, the newest Beaver is now invested (fast, huh?). As the only one who had the trifecta to be invested - his jumper, a necker and the promise in his head - he was super brave but he managed it. I will add a pic when I find the cable that connects my phone to the computer.

Secondly Brownies. Soooo excited. We've worked out what we want to do for the centenary year and now the girls get to take those plans to their parents and see what they can sign up for. We're doing:

  1. November - Remembrance Sunday
  2. January - Panto
  3. February - Thinking Day at a regional event
  4. March - a weekend in London!!!!
  5. April - regional carnival in Birmingham
  6. May - Brownies Take Over The Tracks
We'll also squeeze in a swimming event and (maybe) a local sleepover for the newer girls before we wrap up next July but basically, that's it outside normal meetings.



Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I like your March plans best. :-)

TopChamp said...

I'm pleased you're excited! I'm less excited as I haven't worked out much for the girls to do yet. There's to be a thinking day thing in our division... not my fave day anyway. There was to be a camp but nobody has their large scale license (the one who did has reached 65 and therefore been shoved out) so that's a no-go...

I want some of your enthusiasm!!

Working Mum said...

A weekend in London! Quick, contact Headquarters about getting in to see the Changing of the Guard at Buck House!

Strictly said...

Working Mum - that's the plan, we're also going to go and visit the Centenary Maze at Crystal Palace and contact 10 Downing Street about getting in to take our pic outside the front door.

Anonymous said...

OOh Can I come? (Don't panic, not a real request!) My DD wants to go to the Maze and has asked her Guider, so we will have to wait and se. If not I will take her.

Glad "the newest Beaver" made his promise and is now invested. How brave was he? I have recently seen my son be present with his Gold Chief Scout award which was very exciting but it is still his Beaver promise that has the "ah" factor.


alison said...

Too bad I'm too old and geographically challenged to be one of your Brownies. It sounds like a great year.

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