Thursday, 8 October 2009

Here's hoping it sticks

Our Brownies have completed the First Aid badge. Out of 24, 19 got the badge. They worked hard and I'm very proud of them, I really hope that the information sticks!

We're rounding off the half-term with a session on asthma next week. While informative, it's also great fun! Here's the plan:
  • 10 mins welcome and go over what asthma is and what can trigger it
  • 5 mins breathing through a straw, 1 min at a time, including with nose pinched shut
  • 10 mins creating an airway from a kitchen roll tube and putting cotton wool in and trying it then
  • go outside
  • 15 mins play open airway, where some Brownies are an airway and other Brownies are mucus(!) trying to block them
  • 10 mins play swap triggers - 2 parachutes, a few girls are a trigger and they swap under the chutes
  • back inside
  • 10 mins Polly's Day, where each six has a girl assigned a word and when they hear it in a story, they have to run. 1st girl back gets a point for her team
  • 5 mins snack - flapjacks, no triggers in a flapjack (flour can be a trigger)!
  • Last 10 mins - recap and badge presentation
This is all from a pack created by Asthma UK, we made a donation and received badges for each girl in return. It was part of Changing the World, a Girlguiding UK initiative in the run up to the Centenary year, we already did a Changing the World activity earlier this year - with the British Red Cross - but this pack was so good, we saved it to do as part of our First Aid initiative.


Tawny said...

That sounds like a great idea. We are hoping top have someone come in and do a Tai Chi session with the girls. It all seems so much more interesting than when I was a Guide :)

TopChamp said...

Lovely! I wanted to do Asthma as a division but the division thing was cancelled due to lack of interest. Pah.

For the last week of half-term we did running round games (got the big hall for once) and organised sixes - wrote letters inviting parents to promise and prepared hostess badge stuff.

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