Friday, 16 October 2009

So good!

The asthma night last night at Brownies was so good. I recommend this resource so highly, both our Brownies and our Guides have done it now and they all enjoyed it and learned practical tips from it. Even though it was part of Changing the World and that has finished now, you can still get the resource pack here, you'd have to ring Asthma UK to see if you can still get the specific asthma badges, though since they don't have a trefoil on, I would guess they probably still have some so they can offer this to other youth groups in the future.

We started inauspiciously: one leader ill so off, one leader recovering from illness (me), one leader off because her daughter was ill, one young leader missing because her school football ran over. Still, we co-opted two parents to stay and we managed it all just fine.

I started with the girls in a big circle and we talked about asthma, what it was, inhalers and what triggers were. We also tried breathing through a straw, then breathing through a straw with noses pinched. While we were doing that, the two remaining leaders and the two mums set up a table for each six with kitchen roll tubes, cotton wool and elastic bands.

Then the girls moved to each table and while on the table they made a breathing tube, named it and tried breathing with the tube, then with cotton wool in, then with elastic bands round the tubes too. The adults talked them through how each stage related to asthma, an attack and relief after taking an inhaler. They also went through how to help someone who had an attack.

In the meantime, the YL and our Guide helper (called a pack leader) were reading sheets for two games and prepping for those, and I was sorting out sheets and cheques that had been returned for our centenary events.

Then the YL played the first game with them, about mucus and airways (much more fun than it sounds but really helped them understand) then the YL and PL took a parachute each and played a parachute triggers game. The rest of us were clearing up the discarded cotton wool!

Finally we got them back into circle and they each had a flapjack (a snack with no asthma triggers) and we had a quiz to make sure they had taken in what asthma was and how to help someone.

Then it was giving out a badge each, plus a First Aid Advanced for a girl who had already taken First Aid a couple of years ago so had done a little extra at home to earn the advanced badge this time.

And that's it, we have 2 weeks off, and we're back on Nov 5th - not doing fireworks though, we're doing Marie Curie Daffodils because otherwise we won't have time to get them planted this year.


Jen on the Edge said...

As always, I am truly amazed by all that you accomplish during your meetings.

TopChamp said...

It really does sound good. Well done!

blackbird said...

As the mom of an Asthma boy I am quite impressed.

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