Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday

We went to a Remembrance Sunday service this morning - 13 Brownies, 2 Guides, 1 Young Leader, 4 Leaders.

I was so proud of the girls just for being there, and for their excellent behaviour.

It was very moving, and I think the older people appreciated having so many young people there.

I plan to make a massive fuss of the girls who turned up on Thursday evening, plus give them each one of these beautiful badges.

Next year, if we do it again, we should have a poppy wreath to lay, we were told we didn't need to have one, and indeed we didn't NEED to, but the Scouts laid one and it would have been nice for us to do the same.

Lest We Forget.


Working Mum said...

My daughter went to her first Remembrance Church Parade today. During the week I got her an enamel poppy and two paper ones all of which she managed to lose by today. Husband lent her his enamel one and she lost the back off it whilst sitting in a pew in church!! I give up!

At the memorial in the churchyard the adults lay a wreath and then the uniformed organisations push their individual poppies into the ground around the monument to make a little poppy field - very poignant. Perhaps you could suggest that.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was selected to carry the Guide colours this year. A true honour since she is only 11 years old. This was because her Guider knew she would be there (due to dad and brothers being in Scouting and they tend to field more members than the Guides in this area - Sad but true) and so I was taken back in time with brasso and flag polishing. I had totally forgotten I used to have to polish my promise badge every week!

Here one wreath is laid from all the Scouts regardless of Group and the same for Guiding.

Love the badge; I have not seen those before. Well done for turning out. It is so important we do.


Jen on the Edge said...

What a nice tradition to have.

I read today that the last three of Britain's World War I veterans have died since last year's Remembrance Day, so this year's events are especially poignant.

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