Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tonight, and in a couple of weeks

Tonight - we've rescheduled and we're doing the Blue Peter Send a Smile Appeal. We've had 50 t-shirts donated, so we'll be creating the gowns and decorating them with fabric pens.
Sending 50 gowns, saving the £150 it would have cost the charity to buy them, means a cleft palate operation can be funded instead!

And in a couple of weeks, we're going to visit the local radio station...and 4 Brownies will get to go on the air!

Quite excited, can you tell?

*Update - a pic from tonight!*


Kelloggsville said...

It is sort of showing through!!!!!!!!

TopChamp said...

wow! most inspiring. I now want to do this but we have other less virtuous and possible less fun (sadly) stuff planned!

I have had to miss 3 meetings this term. I feel pretty guilty. It's work though... what can I do?

Jen said...

Topchamp - everyone has to miss the odd meeting, you have to earn the money that lets you have the time to volunteer!

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