Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What an adventure!

You may have noticed me talking about the centenary of Guiding (if not, here's some info).

Last week, we got the Brownies to plan their Adventure 100, the official centenary challenge. With 10 activities in each of 10 sections, there was a lot to narrow down! So each six picked a favourite and second favourite in each section, we put them all together and tried to come up with a programme that covers everything that got at least two votes out of the eight available, plus a few others.

Together with two or three fixed plans already in place, we've now planned January to July as a result!

Here's the plan:
Week 1 Penpals/American Games/World Guiding
Write cards to Americans, play American games

Week 2 World Guiding

Week 3 Cool Buffet and Cool Threads
Make sundaes, design own t-shirt, decorate own t-shirt

Week 4 Be a Star/Music to Ears (girls rehearse and make instruments)
Girls perform something, need to practice, bring instruments. Make shakers for those who don't want to perform

Week 5 Be a Star/Music to Ears (girls rehearse and perform)
Girls rehearse and perform - poss in front of parents?

Week 6 Flashback (EU country) - Germany
German friend to help teach some vocab, games, songs, food from Lidl

Week 7 World Conference - Scotland
Jen to run Scottish night

Week 8 Joint party with Rainbows (5.30 to 7, both units)
Joint party for Rbows and Brownies, with theme of being 5 because our unit will be 5.

Week 9 Stargazer night at local school observatory
Need to contact school to ask for observatory access

Week 10 Midnight Feast/Play in Dark
Eat picnic in dark, make refridgerator cake, play games in dark


Summer Week 1 Fire Safety (school)
Cover clauses of fire safety (if we can get a firefighter to come to us, great, if not, must be prepped to do it ourselves)

Week 2 Fire Safety (fire station)

Week 3 Moving - Off to the Races
Make own hats, have picnic, race something (cars?)

Week 4 Water Games/Water for Life
Taste different flavours of water, play water games outside such as throwing sponges

Week 5 Shape 100 and Jump Up High
Make 100 shape out of things and selves. Then games based round jumping.

Week 6 Aquarium visit
Contact local garden centre to see if we can visit, particularly to look at aquariums but also anything gardeny

Week 7 Olympics 100
Run our own Olympics, with each event based around achieving 100 as an individual or six

Week 8 Dream Catcher and Necklaces
Have ordered dream catchers, beads and thread

Week 9 Floating/Hanging Around, local playground
Climbing frame/parachute games/girls to bring kites

Week 10 Puppets and Show
Have ordered farm and jungle puppets to be sewn up

Week 11 - Camp Fire
Usual end of year stuff - make smores, play games outside. Joint meeting with Guides, poss also Rainbows

Additional events:
Panto Jan
Thinking Day Feb
London weekend Mar
Birmingham carnival Apr
Brownie Takeover May (tentative)

Also to squeeze in if they come off - a night of Bollywood dancing, a visit to a local radio station and some community service - we usually have some service every term but as long as we squeeze something in over the two terms I'll be happy given the special centenary circumstances. There: 21 weeks of fun!

That's not even including a division camp being planned, we probably won't take part in that for a few reasons: we are doing a lot already, plus our Guides are doing it so will be using the tents, and our Rainbows will probably do it for a day visit so any other leaders will be involved with that.


alison said...

Wow! That is very impressive.

Are there any Americans in particular you are going to write to? American Guides maybe? I have a friend who was a Guide leader here in Canada, and now she lives in the States and I think she's still involved with Guides. If you need a contact person, I'll email her if you like.

Also, water balloon tossing is a fun (if wet) pastime that kids love.

Jen said...

Water balloon tossing added to the list, thanks!

We do have particular Americans in mind :-) We have two troops currently writing to us, and we will write back and send our replies so they get them in time for Thinking Day. But thanks so much for offering to contact someone for us, I appreciate you thinking of it.


Clare said...

For the star gazing, my Dad is coming to teach the Brownies about stars/look through his telescope etc. He suggested I have a look at a programme called "Stellarium" which you can download (free) from internet and look at the constellations. If you can get a laptop/projector to your meeting it could be a useful teaching tool... Hope that helps
Clare x

Jen said...

Thanks Clare - we actually already have a pack put together by a Guider that covers the Stargazer badge, we intend to send it home with the girls since we can't possibly cover the badge in one meeting. If you'd like a copy, send me another comment with your email in and I'll send it to you (and won't publish the comment!)

Anonymous said...


For your races have you considered something like the USA Pinewood derby? We did this with the Cubs. They designed and decorated the "car" and the parent/guardian did the woodwork. Then you race them down a slope. Mind you we built a track so that may not help you, but I am sure you could adapt the idea.

We also did Canadian beaver buggies. I am sure either could be adapted for Brownies esp. since our girl cubs enjoyed the pinewood derby much as the boys.


Working Mum said...

Great list. My daughter is doing allsorts with her Rainbows group including a trip to the Chill Factor to go tubing in the snow!

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