Friday, 15 January 2010

And in a packed programme tonight...

Yay, another 18/20 Brownies battled through the snow for this week's meeting (the two missing were a different two to last week!) and we worked on World Guiding again:
  • went over the meaning of the World Badge
  • talked to them about the 4 World Centres
  • made a Friendship Circle of dolls and decorated them with uniforms from Japan, US, Canada and Australia (I didn't make a template and admit I nearly called a halt to this activity after the first few attempts, including my own, ended up with missing heads, arms or legs! However, the other 3 leaders, and a few of the girls, worked out what to do so we used theirs as templates for the others)
  • Had a running game that involved collecting facts about each of the 4 World Centres
  • Held a quiz about WAGGGS and what it meant
  • Sang a song about Brownies around the world.
With all that in one meeting, is it any wonder I forgot to present one girl with her Second badge! Oops!


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