Friday, 8 January 2010

Not going but not downhearted

I spoke to the other leaders and we've decided not to go to the Midlands Carnival. We appreciate Midlands Guiding working so hard to come up with an alternative, but because it's so different to what we signed up for, and the massive increase in cost that meant we'd have to ask parents for money rather than cover from unit funds, mean we've decided to ask for a refund of our deposit.

I'd love to hear from anyone that does go though!

In the meantime, our girls won't miss out. We have a panto trip soon with our sister Rainbow and Guide units, a regional version of a national event for Thinking Day, a weekend in London with our Senior Section unit, a special Brownies Take Over The Tracks that we have set up just for the Brownies in our district and a county family picnic for all sections, all between now and June. There's also a district event for all sections in the works for September and a fantastic division event for everyone for the 20:10 20/10 2010 wrap up to the Centenary Year in October.

Plus the normal meetings of course.

Oh, and we're going to use the money we get back from the Carnival deposit to hire a very special visitor to our joint meeting with the Rainbows in March. More details after the event.

First meeting back went well, we had 18/20 girls there, 1 was in South Africa and the other snowed in so couldn't make it. We'll see them both next week. We've only got 20 girls this term as we have 4 new girls starting at Easter but nobody due to leave now till July, so we're keeping their places for them. 18-20 is actually an ideal size for our unit I think, it lets us get to know the girls that much better, it just seems calmer than 24. But I can never say no till we hit 24, I can't make a girl miss out on Brownies just because we'd prefer calm! So we'll enjoy this term and steel ourselves for the chaos again from Easter.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have reached the best choice for you. I had not quite grasped it was just going to be a theme park day (not a parade at a theme park) and so as you say that is not what you signed up for.

Enjoy the rest of your celebrations. My hubby is now a proud owner of a “district” Guide woggle. They were given out at a joint Guiding and Scouting Christmas event to anyone in uniform and he proudly wore it to a county event and got lots of comments about it. He did his bit to promote 2010 to our County Scout leaders.


Jen said...

That woggle sounds really cool and well done him for promoting 2010, you know my feelings on Guiding and Scouting co-existing, especially since I have such a happy Beaver Scout in my family!

There is actually still going to be a parade in the theme park in the morning, but from what I understand, Guiding is taking over the park so I am not sure who they will be parading to!

Thanks as ever for commenting J, I love hearing from you, I think YOU should have a blog too!

TopChamp said...

I hate having to say no and have to get our DC (who runs Guides next door) to do it for me as she's harder.

You guys do so much! We are doing adventure 100 challenges this term (after the make your own use up all the rubbish night we are stealing from you for our 1st wk back)... we have a division centenary camp and trip to Loudon Castle planned - that's it so far.

Also I just signed up for a county training weekend, then around an hour later was asked to do a gig - which is a week including the Saturday. I really do want to go to training as I've never been to any... but work means money. The eternal conundrum with me and Guiding.

Anonymous said...

Reasons why I do not have a blog...

.There are not enough hours in the day

.My life is too mundane to be of interest to any but my nearest and dearest.

.I would not have time to read yours (and others) if I wrote

.My children may object, to yet again, having their lives as public knowledge (They get enough of this at Scouts and the school I teach at and they attend(ed).

.I considered it and then thought "just say no".


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