Friday, 26 February 2010


We had a Scotland night and it was great fun!
  • talked about Scottish cities and towns
  • looked at my family's tartan (Mackenzie) and I showed a pic of my brothers and dad in full kilt, and also showed my son's tiny matching kilt he wore at a wedding when he was nearly one
  • made tartan bookmarks - they loved this and took ages making them!
  • drank Irn Bru, ate raspberries and shortbread, not a scrap left of any!
  • played Highland Games: tossing the caber (throwing straws around), shot putt (batting balloons around) and sheepdog trials (5 blindfolded girls were the sheep, 1 girl was the sheepdog and had to get them into a pen)
It was fun, and added 10 points to their Adventure 100 total.

Monday, 22 February 2010

One World One Beat

What an amazing day we had on Sunday! We took part in One World One Beat to celebrate Thinking Day. Nearly 20,000 girls from across the UK took part in the event across 9 locations and one weekend and I don't know about the 8 other locations, but the movie-themed Midlands one, in Wolverhampton, was amazing.

We had to get up really early - 6:30am on a Sunday anyone?!? - and went on 3 coaches from our area. The planning was superb, all the little details, for example while I registered our party of 26, the others watched a bit of Monsters Inc, then while we waited for other groups to arrive, Ice Age was playing on the big screen.

The girls took part in 4 workshops through the day:
  • South American Drumming
  • Mask-making
  • Folk Stories
  • Indian Dancing
Other groups did other workshops and at the end, we all got together again and each group did a performance from their workshop. They also sang happy birthday to one of our Brownies who turned 8 that day, bet she's never had hundreds of people singing to her before!

It was a long day, it was 7:30pm that we got back to the coach drop off, so we were out and about for 12 hours, the day before the school term started again.

But it was well worth it, I am so glad to have been part of the Centenary Thinking Day.

  • Seeing my Brownies perform their Indian Dance
  • Seeing the look on her face when our Brownie was sung to for her birthday
  • The leader relaxation workshop - another leader said she'd have liked two workshops for leaders instead of just one, but even the fact they thought of doing one for us was great - although we didn't take it as seriously as the workshop leader would have liked!
  • Seeing the fantastic Chinese Dragons
  • Seeing my daughter, there with her Guide unit, reading out lines in her performance, she's not a girl who likes to perform, so it was very special
  • Marking 100 years of Guiding in the company of thousands of others across the UK.

Happy World Thinking Day

Happy World Thinking Day to all members of Guiding (and Scouting!) all over the world.

When I am less tired, I will write up the amazing day we had yesterday with hundreds of Guides from all over the Midlands.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Slammed and bruised

Last night, we had a great meeting all about Germany, run by me and my German friend, H.
The girls:
  • learned about Guiding in Germany
  • looked at slides of H's life in Germany including her kids' school and their house
  • learned the German Guiding promise in German
  • played Der Fuchs - a German variation on the cat and mouse game we often play
  • ate:
  1. H's marble cake
  2. pretzels
  3. Lebkuchen (gingerbread stars)
  4. German bread (rye, I think?)
  • practiced the numbers 1-20 in German
  • learned Brownie Bells, the song we normally sing at the end of the meeting, in German, and then sang it in German at the end.
It was a great night, they all seemed to have fun. However, because Guides were not meeting last night, I had to lock up our meeting place afterwards. My worst bit is usually setting the alarm and locking up - what if it goes off??? - but this time it was shutting and locking the car park gates, because my hand got trapped.

There are two really heavy gates and they have to be brought together and then padlocked - as I tried to hook one gate into the hole in the ground, my co-leader brought the other gate was pitch dark...and my fingers got slammed by the gate.

I didn't swear, or scream, I did cry! My fingers had frakking dents in them! I've been to A&E today and they are not broken, which is good, but the bones are bruised, I didn't even know you could bruise bones!

I don't ever want to lock up again! If Guides aren't meeting, I'm going to cancel Brownies just to avoid it!
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