Friday, 5 March 2010


To celebrate five years of our unit, our Brownies had a joint meeting with our sister Rainbow unit. We had an animal man come in to entertain the girls, and he certainly did!
I know I won't remember all of them, but there was:
  • a bearded dragon
  • two biiiiig snakes
  • a meerkat
  • a parrot
  • a hedgehog (who would not go near the Guider who let the snake be put on her because it could smell the snake)
  • a tarantula
  • a skunk
  • a scorpion.
All the girls who wanted to touch or hold an animal did, all those that did not, were able to hang back - though I did think it was funny (I hid that!) that one girl said she had a phobia of meerkats, it's not like you are likely to see one normally, other than in the comparethemarket adverts!

It was a good night, the girls had fun, and the Brownies' fifth birthday was definitely memorable!


TopChamp said...

Great stuff! This sounds like a lot of fun, and something the girls will remember.

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