Friday, 19 March 2010

Talented bunch

Our last meeting of the term, and the girls were performing. We had some fantastic dancing, some excellent circus tricks and some fantastic instrument playing from almost all the girls.

Two were on a school residential, so missed out, and one just did not want to perform, which was fine, she watched the others.

They're a talented bunch!

We also collected in final money for a camp we're going on in a couple of months. All quiet now for a few weeks over Easter then 4 former Rainbows will join us in April bringing us back up to our maximum of 24.


TopChamp said...

Hello - I love reading your Brownie news. It really cheers me up.

Working Mum said...

Pretty blog design with the ribbons. I'm still working on mine.

You've just reminded me I need to put my daughter's name down for Brownies. It's so popular at our churche we have three Brownie packs and they are oversubscribed!

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