Friday, 23 April 2010

Adventure 100 - more than double!

We're loving doing Adventure 100, and it's been great fun to plan and do.

We still have loads more to do, but we're getting very close to giving out the first badges - the girls have to get 100 points and all 20 of the girls who have been Brownies since September or before are already way past 100. But they also have to get the 100 across 10 zones...and now six of our girls have accumulated points in nine zones...all they need is Up High to finish off, which we have planned just after the General Election.

The Brownies with the highest number are G and E, who have 230 points! Then A has 220 and H and P have 200. None of the others has less than 125 points so it's definitely time to start ticking off the last of the zones.

It's been great though, has challenged us to take the girls places we'd never normally have gone, such as a radio station and an observatory, play games in the dark, and so many other things. It's been a blast!

And next? A division camp and a district takeover.


Kelloggsville said...

we are going up a windmill!

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