Sunday, 25 April 2010

Marching Beaver

On April 25th, Scouts celebrate St George's Day because as well as being patron saint of England, he is also patron saint of scouts.

It's the one parade of the year that every scout is asked to attend, and as you can see, my Beaver did, that's him, face turned towards me, the third of four boys in a row.

His Scout group led the parade today so after the flags came our Beavers!

It was fun to see him, and fun for me to be an "outsider", rather than in the thick of things, organising and arranging permission forms for the participants!


Working Mum said...

Oh, I've done many a St George's Day Parade; sometimes in sun, sometimes in snow! How fabulous your son and his pack look. I remember my brother, as a cub, leading the whole parade with the Union Flag. My parents were very proud!

Jen on the Edge said...

They all look so cute!

Kelloggsville said...

I recognised your son - it's the special eyes! They give it away everytime ;0)

We had a great mixed Guides, Scouts, Brownies, Cunbs, Rainbows, Beavers parade again this year - it's lovely seeing them all on an occassion less strict and somber than Remembrance

Anonymous said...

Yes, we also always have a Scouting and Guiding parade and this year the day started earlier with the Scouts and Guides and above spending a few hours doing volunteer work around our little town and sprucing it up by painting, washing, weeding and cleaning just about everything in sight.

Because it is the Guiding centenary the DC made a speech explaining what was being celebrated and why and some of the girls had a chance to go up to the podium and lead the promise renewals (we finish up in the local priory grounds for a few speeches/award and promises).

Well done to your little beaver for taking part and his colony for turning out and marching so well. The flag bearer looks like he/she means business what a confident stride!


TopChamp said...

Yey! It's the parades that got me back into Guiding. I saw Brownies on parade for Remembrance Sunday when I was playing the Last Post and got chatting to their Brown Owl.

Well done to your boy.

The Dotterel said...

My daughter was carrying the flag this Sunday! And I was a very proud dad... in spite of spending the best part of an hour in a freezing church on Saturday rehearsing!

alison said...

They look as though they're having fun.

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