Monday, 31 May 2010

What lies ahead

It's half term, so just a few more weeks of Brownies now until the summer holidays.

Our plans:
  1. An Olympics night, for Adventure 100 (22/24 girls have completed this now, but we still have a few things left to do)
  2. Making dreamcatchers and necklaces, also Adventure 100
  3. Hanging around - meeting at a local adventure playground, yes, you guessed it, for Adventure 100
  4. Making puppets and putting on a show, oh yes, Adventure 100!
  5. Campsite night, joint with the Guides, as we do to wrap up every year.
So we're outside 3/5 nights, out of our meeting place 2/5 nights, but no extra events this half term. There is a county family picnic in June, but you don't have to go as a unit, so we're going to send out a flyer and let girls go with their families if they wish, or skip it if they don't.

We're getting a bit of centenary fatigue really, will be glad to wrap it up in October though it has been the most amazing year. But since it launched in September, aside from our normal meeting, we have:
All that lies ahead now are normal meetings, the picnic for anyone who chooses to go with their family, and the centenary end at 20:10, 20/10, 2010. Time to relax a bit I think!


Jen on the Edge said...

I always forget that your pack meets nearly year 'round. Here, the troops pretty much finish things at the beginning of June and then don't start again until late September or early October. I think my resident Junior Girl Scout has one meeting left and that's it.

Jen said...

Well, we meet with the school terms, works out about 33/34 weeks a year.

Kelloggsville said...

I am a little worried we will all be so centenary fatigued that there is a year where the newbies will miss out because we are all in need of a break!

Jen said...

Fair point - hopefully the powers that be have something up their sleeves to revitalise us all!

Anonymous said...

We felt like that -

*2007 was 100 of Scouting
*mid 2008 to mid 2009 100 years of County Scouting,
*2010 - oh a 'normal' year except we also have joint events with the Guides and personally have a Guide and a Rainbow in the house
*2011 is 100 years of our Group and also 100 years of our District

phew, how many 100 birthdays can a person celebrate? I am sure you will have plenty to enjoy next year as well and will look back with fondnes of all you did this year.


TopChamp said...

I was doing Adventure 100 with our pack, but the church committee took all our posters and log sheets off the hall walls without asking permission (so they could paint it, which they still haven't actually done) and the girls lost track of what it was about. I also got a bit bored of it....

I have decided to leave it til after the holidays to finish it off.

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