Friday, 11 June 2010

Brownies round the world: South Africa

I thought it might be both fun, and useful, to do a series on Brownies around the world - not least because I can go back and scoop up the information when I need it. I'll add to each country if I learn more.

So, to kick off, South Africa - because the football World Cup just kicked off there.

South Africa has a really strong Guiding tradition - like the UK they are celebrating 100 years of Guiding this year.

South African Brownies are called...Brownies!

They have a lot of similarities to Brownies in Britain:

Their promise:
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God
And to my Country
To help other people
And to keep the Brownie Law.

Their law:

A Brownie is Truthful, Obedient and Cheerful

A Brownie thinks of others before herself

They have sixes, with Sixers and Seconds, their sixes include Bushbabies, Dassies,

Duikers, Hares, Squirrels and Tortoises. They can earn interest badges.

And they sing Brownies Bells to close - not quite the same as our Brownie Bells though, it goes:

O Lord Our God, Thy Children call, Teach us to love, Thee best of all.


Last night we made dreamcatchers (Baker Ross). We showed the girls what to do, but let them do it all themselves.

That resulted in a few finished, perfect dreamcatchers, a few finished but not perfect ones, a few that just ran out of time and a few that decided they would take theirs home unfinished so they could unlace them and try again to improve how it looked.

It was a good personality guide: the girl who rushed to be first then had to keep coming back for help because she was rushing, the girl who made perfect perfect flowers but took ages so didn't finish, the girl who steadily plodded through and achieved everything then helped others on her table, the girl who carefully colour-matched everything to her thread and feathers.

These cost around 50p each, you can make them for less, my daughter's Guide unit made them a while back with paper plates and a stash of beads and feathers, but this made it easy for us since we knew we had everything.

And the results were great!
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