Saturday, 31 July 2010

Brownie Guard of Honour

So, the thing we were up to yesterday that I couldn't tell you about...

We were asked to be part of a surprise Brownie Guard of Honour for a Brownie leader in our district. This lady runs the unit with her mum and has just seven Brownies, and though the mum tried to arrange it using their own Brownies, because it's summer holidays she was only able to get two girls lined up.

So, she threw an appeal out to the whole district, and, despite the hols, we were able to come up with 5 Brownies, 3 Guides and 3 leaders. Two of the Brownies were mine, and the Guide was, of course, my own daughter.

It was a really nice thing to so, the bride looked really happy to see us when she came out. She did go in 20 minutes late, and we ended up having to wait an hour, so we did have some very hungry Brownies who'd put off having their lunch as they thought we'd only be there 15 mins or so but they were very pleased to be part of it.

(As most of the girls there were not mine, and I am not sure how they or their parents would feel about their pics being online, I have covered their faces in the pic. I also didn't include the bride, as I don't know if she would want her pics online.)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

On holiday but STILL Guiding!

Yes, it's the holidays here, but despite shutting down Brownies from the start of July to mid September, there's a busy few Guiding days ahead.

Tomorrow I am taking part in something very special that I have wanted to do ever since I was a little Brownie, more than ahem years ago. Details will follow after the event as it is a surprise for someone.

And this weekend my daughter heads off to Guide camp. Not to the same place as last year, this time it's an international camp, though rather handily within this country! So while she will meet Guides from all over the world, I only have to pay a UK camp rate. Woo hoo!

At the parents meeting we were warned to expect some quite smelly girls back. Although there are showers, there are going to be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of girls there so shower time is likely to be so restricted it might be as little as once.

Nose peg will be acquired before she returns.

Friday, 9 July 2010

THIS is why we do it

Five of our Brownies left last night. One gave me a bottle of wine (lovely!) and another one's dad sent me this email today:

Dear J and Company,
Just a quick note to say thankyou for giving K such a lovely time
at Brownies.Over the time she has been with you she has grown in
confidence tremendously.Your professional approach is refreshing and
your personal attention to detail is faultless.You have always kept us
informed about forthcoming events and given us regular and continual
The Brownies are happy and content bunch and this is due to your
outstanding leadership qualities and skills.
With K, in particular, you have taken care always over nut
products and indeed beef products too and in so doing again, time after
time, your personal professionalism always shines through.
On behalf of K and myself a sincere and big thankyou to all the Brownies gang and the very best for the future.A voluntary job
without any form of remuneration just goes to show how committed and
understanding you are for the Brownie cause.I think we are all to quick
these days to criticise.So well done and keep up the very good work.

How nice is that? I feel all warm all over!

Friday, 2 July 2010


We started it last year and now we're finished!
What? Adventure 100.
The aim was to collect 100 points over 10 areas to get the badge.
Now, having wrapped it up, our 24 girls have points ranging between 340 and 170!

It's been a lot of fun, you can see some of the things we did if you search adventure 100 on this blog, many of which we would not have thought of if not for the ideas within the badge syllabus.

So what lies ahead?
One more meeting this school year, a campfire jointly with our sister Guide unit.

Then in September, a very animally term - we're going to do the Friends to Animals badge, and also Canada Brownies' Pet Talk badge, which a friend sent me ages ago in return for some UK badges. We're also fitting in some stuff on Jewish holidays (about the only religion none of our girls is a member of!), Healthy Heart badge, and a few other things. More details when we've sorted them!

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