Saturday, 31 July 2010

Brownie Guard of Honour

So, the thing we were up to yesterday that I couldn't tell you about...

We were asked to be part of a surprise Brownie Guard of Honour for a Brownie leader in our district. This lady runs the unit with her mum and has just seven Brownies, and though the mum tried to arrange it using their own Brownies, because it's summer holidays she was only able to get two girls lined up.

So, she threw an appeal out to the whole district, and, despite the hols, we were able to come up with 5 Brownies, 3 Guides and 3 leaders. Two of the Brownies were mine, and the Guide was, of course, my own daughter.

It was a really nice thing to so, the bride looked really happy to see us when she came out. She did go in 20 minutes late, and we ended up having to wait an hour, so we did have some very hungry Brownies who'd put off having their lunch as they thought we'd only be there 15 mins or so but they were very pleased to be part of it.

(As most of the girls there were not mine, and I am not sure how they or their parents would feel about their pics being online, I have covered their faces in the pic. I also didn't include the bride, as I don't know if she would want her pics online.)


Jen on the Edge said...

How exciting!

Working Mum said...

How fantastic for the bride and for those involved. What a lovely thing to do.

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