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Brownies round the world: Denmark

Part 2 of a series about Brownies round the world, if you want to read part one, about Brownies in South Africa, click here.

If you were a Brownie in Denmark, you would be a Minier (as in a Mini Scout), a Smutter or a Grønsmutter depending on which group you were with. Unlike in the UK which has Girlguiding
and also Scouts that take boys and girls, in Denmark there are lots of different organisations, including:
  • The Danish Guide and Scout Association (Danish: Det Danske Spejderkorps = DDS, that's their logo, above)
  • YMCA Scouts (Danish: Kristeligt Forening for Unge Mænd = KFUM-spejderne i Danmark)
  • YWCA Girl Guides in Denmark - the Green Girl Guides (Danish: Kristeligt Forening for Unge Kvinder = KFUK-spejderne i Danmark - de grønne pigespejdere. Their Brownies (Grønsmutter) were formed in 1919.)
  • The Danish Baptist Guide and Scout Association (Danish: Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps = DBS)
  • Mission Covenant Church Scouts (Danish: Missionsforbundets Spejdere=MS)
Of these, only the YWCA (that's their logo, left) is girls only, all the others have boys and girls. DDS has over 25,000 members, YMCA is roughly equally popular, then YWCA has about 6,000, DBS has about 1,400 and MS only has a few hundred. In a country of just 5,000,000, that does show Scouting is very popular.

Like in the UK, Danish Guides are 100 years old this year, the DDS Scouts began in 1909 and Guides in 1910 - October 10th so their centenary is coming up very soon!

Danish Brownies would wear the same as Danish Guides, you buy a shirt and neckerchief and then just buy a bigger shirt as you get bigger.
You can see the DDS uniform, left and the YWCA uniform in the all-girl picture.

The YWCA promise is:

As a Guide I promise to do my best to honour God by living according to his will.
Therefore a Girl Guide should:
Speak the truth
Strive for peace
Share with others
Be a true friend
Cherish the living world
Be caring and help others
Show love and thoughtfulness in her home and community

(Spejderlov og spejderløfte
Som spejder lover jeg at gøre mit bedste for at ære Gud ved at leve efter hans vilje.
Derfor skal en spejder:
Tale sandhed
Stifte fred
Dele med andre
Være en god kammerat
Værne om naturen
Vise hensyn og hjælpe andre
Leve i hjem og samfund med kærlighed og omtanke
At høre andres meninger og danne sine egne)

Want to know more about Danish Guiding and Scouting?
DDS: http://www.dds.dk/
YMCA: http://www.kfumscout.dk/
YWCA: http://www.pigespejder.dk/
DBS: http://www.dbs.dk/


Kelloggsville said...

interesting - I feel the girl only space is very important. it's amazing the difference in the girls behaviour with or without boys. You probably have to see/experience it to appreciate it. Just for once, I think the Danes are missing a trick by not encouraging this more.

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