Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drama v her smartly-dressed mama

Jumping back to daughter for this one post - she was waaaay happier yesterday, so far she has been willing to concede that each day is 1% better than the day before but yesterday it was 5% better. I wondered if I over-dramatised just how bad she felt those first few days
but I read my post back and I still feel a/ her pain and b/ the fact that she's happi-ER but still not happy.

So we're getting there but wow - it's been a tough few weeks!

Now, partly to compensate for home-based misery, partly because I had a 30% off voucher and partly because I'm trying to 21st century my wardrobe (those t-shirts that end on or near my waist have all gone), I spent quite a lot in Gap yesterday. I bought:
Can I confess I already own this in a burgundy and now I own it in this grey and also a navy?Despite me being nearly 5ft 10, this dress was closer to my knees than this. So this model must be about 6ft 2 I reckon! I'm thinking with a long sleeved tee underneath?
Again, this dress was longer than this on me. It looked very smart. Although I work in a very informal office, I'm thinking this will be good for when I train clients externally, and also for parents social stuff at school rather than my same old jeans-and-nice-top.It's hard for me to find a cowl neck that doesn't make my boobs look enorme. This fit the bill.This was like wearing a hug. Goes well with the smart dress too.

I drew the line at leggings under the dresses, not quite ready to make that 21st century leap but I did feel drawn...


Tawny said...

I am glad she id feeling better, K has got two new friends coming round to tea tomorrow so things seem to be okay with her. The new clothes look fab!

Jen on the Edge said...

So many great things in this post!

SO GLAD to hear that K is happier. Woot!

Also, v. excited about your new purchases. Tres chic!

Try the leggings. I got a pair, knowing that it's not the best look for short, round me. I wore them under a dress and they ended up looking better than I'd thought. And I think they'll look terrific once I find some great boots. :-)

Kelloggsville said...

I was impressed with the simple 3 for 2 long sleeved t's in Gap. But the rest was soooo expensive. They had some lovely body warmers. Those dresses are nice. I really need to update my wardrobe but I hate getting rid of things 'that still have some wear' in them !!!

alison said...

I love the long-sleeved tee. LOVE! Must check out the gap here. The dress is fab too. Glad to hear that K is feeling better, even if only incrementally.

TopChamp said...

nice! I like all the clothes - wonder which colour will end up your fave. And I'm pleased your daughter's feeling better.

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