Friday, 24 September 2010

Just what did we do last night?

Well, we THOUGHT we were going to visit some stables, see some horses, clean some tack, maybe stroke a few horses...

No. All 26 girls (24 Brownies and 2 Guides) got 30 minutes horseriding each, courtesy of the stables. Can you believe it?

You've never seen 26 happier girls! Or 5 more panicked adults - we had to ring 21 sets of parents and ask for permission for their girls to actually ride, all we had asked for was permission for them to attend!

We managed to reach a parent for every girl, so we were sorted. Half the girls rode for the first half, while the other half were halved again and either cleaned tack or groomed a horse, then swapped.

Horse-riding lessons round here are £15. £15 x 26 girls = nearly £400 worth of horse riding last night! It was amazingly generous of the stables - yes I know most of the girls will now be pestering their parents for riding lessons and that stables is of course where they will now turn, but still. There were 10-15 girls and adults helping our girls, giving up nearly two hours of their time for us. It was fantastic!

Update: Some kind of miscommunication happened when this was arranged, and it turns out that we have now been invoiced for nearly £200 by the stables. A bit of a shock! Fortunately, we had claimed Gift Aid from the government that we can use to cover that without affecting the rest of our term's plans, but it does mean we won't have that money to use for a trip or overnight in the January term. We feel we have to pay, we can't argue we didn't get that money's worth last night, but it was definitely a shock, and explains why the girls were actually riding rather than just meeting and grooming the horses. It has taken a wee bit of a shine off it for us adults, of course we're not letting the girls know, and since we can cover it by adjusting our plans, we're not telling all the parents either.


smalltownmom said...

That's so exciting!

Kelloggsville said...

Hmmmm, a bit naughty of the stables. Unless one of the leaders really slipped up I think I would be trying to negotiate that one down a bit.

TopChamp said...

Worth telling them you weren't expecting that I'd say - though I agree you need to pay it.

Oh well - bet it'll be something they'll remember forever.

Working Mum said...

Ooops, that was an expensive communication error! Like Kelloggsville, I would try and negotiate the cost; presumably you have kept all paperwork and can prove you didn't book actual riding so you thought it was a generous gift to a youth organisation? Worth a try.

Clair said...

A non- horse related comment... just found your blog (and all the other lovelies in your sidebar), looking forward to the next 100 years!

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