Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Sneakily, since the Blog Action Day topic is water, I'm reposting a post from May!
It cost all of £6, but tonight, as part of Adventure 100, we did water-tasting!
I was kind of surprised it went as well as it did.
But the girls really seemed to enjoy it!
They tried six different waters (you can see them all here); some fizzy, some not, some flavoured, some not.
They each picked a favourite and in each case, tried to guess the flavouring (or not) and the country of origin.

The waters I chose were from Wales, Scotland, England and France. The girls guessed the Caribbean, Africa, Canada and more! We had a wee talk about how much Africa needs water and how very wrong it would be to take their water!
We also talked about pumps (some of these waters involved fundraising for pumps in Africa) and how we can save water - and how we can't: as 90% of our girls live in houses under 10 years old, we already have low flush toilets so can't add water-saving devices, for example, as they use so little water already.
A success, and all for £5.42.


Corve DaCosta said...

I've joined the movement

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

A good lesson.

I don't know if I knew that bottled water tastes different, depending on its origina.

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