Friday, 22 October 2010

Officially 100 - time to move forward!

The nationwide end to the Girlguiding Centenary year was Wednesday night - and we had a blast!

Across the UK, members of Girlguiding got together and made or renewed their promises at 8:10pm - more than 500,000 of us in one go.

We went to a division-organised event and the ladies that put the night together really did us proud.

The girls took part in (chaotic) Scottish Country Dancing, then there were drinks and little buns - two of our Guiders took it upon themselves to make sure the Trefoil Guild members were supplied with tea and coffee, usually the Trefoil Guild are seen manning the tea urns at events so that was a lovely gesture. Trefoil Guild is open to anyone over 18 who wants to stay connected with Guiding, generally it's retired Guiders etc, and that was certainly the case with those there on Wednesday.

Then the Vision CD was played, every event had a copy and was told what time to start it, it was 10 minutes of uplifting photos and videos of events that have taken place over the Centenary Year, with a countdown every minute: 9 minutes to go, 8 minutes to go etc. By the time we got to five minutes to go, every girl in the place was yelling it out! It ended with the Chief Guide leading the promise, followed by the Rainbow promise as this is slightly different from the rest of the organisation.

We had 5 new Brownies make their promise as well as 15 who renewed it (out of our unit of 24 we had one who didn't sign up to come, one who didn't turn up with no contact to us, and two who were ill and were able to make their promise in front of the Community Channel at home instead as the same video was broadcast on there.) so we spent the next few minutes pinning on the beautiful 20:10, 20/10, 2010 promise badge that only people who renewed their promise at 8:10pm should get.

Then we made it outside and were able to see 100 Chinese Lanterns being sent off into the sky (wholly biodegradable ones, I checked). It was a beautiful sight seeing them drift off across the valley. And that was it: back in for a quick wrap up of the night then exhausted girls off home to parents.

I was so impressed with the organisation, yes there was chaos, and queues, and milling about, but there were hundreds of people there, that's going to happen! And the organisers had thought of so many things, like there being 2 screens to see the video so that no matter where you were, you weren't "at the back" and unable to see.

Our girls really enjoyed themselves and it was a lovely way to wrap up the centenary year. Half term for us next week, and just 5 more meetings after that in 2010.

That's my daughter holding her hand up to block the camera by the way! Other 20:10 posts include:
Here's to the next 100 years!


Jen on the Edge said...

That sounds really exciting! I actually got chills as I was reading your description of the evening.

Happy 100th!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great and so glad it lived up to the expectation. My family had fun at their event and part of it was a scavenger hunt, in the dark, and so both now have wind up torches with the 100 logo and district name on and think they are cool! I think the next lot of camps or sleepovers will quite noisy at night with everyone winding up their torches LOL!

Working Mum said...

100 Chinese Lanterns must have looked fantastic! What a wonderful time was had by all.

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