Sunday, 17 October 2010

Wednesday's the big night!

The centenary year of Girlguiding UK ends on Wednesday night, with a big celebration across the UK. Hundreds of thousands of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Leaders, other adult members and Trefoil Guild will be making or renewing their promise at ten past eight.

Why then?

It's 20:10, 20/10, 2010 - a memorable moment for us all.

What have my girls done since the centenary year began on September 5, 2009 (100 years since girls first asked Baden Powell for Scouts for girls)? Well...
  • Attended the launch party
  • Made suncatchers, dreamcatchers, puppets and other crafts
  • Learned First Aid including helping people having an asthma attack
  • Helped the following charities: Marie Curie, Send a Smile, Heart Research UK
  • Attended Remembrance Sunday
  • Pretended they were Doctor Who
  • Broadcast on the local radio station
  • Learned about World Guiding
  • Visited a fire station, a vets surgery and an observatory
  • Holidayed in London: London Eye, Centenary Maze, Platform 9 3/4, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace (inside the gates), 10 Downing Street
  • Learned to dance and climbed all over an outdoor playground
  • Played games in the dark and jumping games outdoors, and had an Olympic Games with medals
  • Made their own ice cream sundaes and dark desserts
  • Learned about Germany and Scotland
  • Attended One World One Beat with thousands of other Guiding members
  • Met unusual animals and ridden horses
  • Learned about endangered species, and water
  • Planted daffodils
  • Went to the pantomime
  • Rehearsed and performed a show
  • Joined in a giant 100 and made 100 out of all kinds of materials
  • Made racing paper boats
  • Camped in pouring rain with the rest of the division's Guides
  • Took over an airport
  • Went to two campfires
  • Joined a wedding Guard of Honour
  • Celebrated Rosh Hashana
What a year it's been!


Kelloggsville said...

that's a lot of stuff brown owl! have a good time on Wednesday.

Jen on the Edge said...

I had forgotten just how much you've done in the past year. Wow!

Tawny said...

It really has been a fantastic year. I am on the organising committee for our celebration so I am alternately sick to my stomach and excited at the same time!

You have done so much, your girls are lucky to have you as a leader!

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your year :-) Both my girls are at the local 20:10 event this week and so is hubby. The Scouts invited the local guiders to their celebration in 2007 and now the Guides have returned the compliment! Sadly even as an ex Brownie, ex Guide and ex Rainbow leader I can not go because it is current members only, but at least 3 of the family will be there. Hope you have a fantastic evening.

Working Mum said...

My daughter is so excited about Wednesday evening. She's the only Rainbow from her pack going to the Trafford Centre to renew their promise at 20.10 (she's the only one on half term who doesn't have to get up for school the next day). She'll also be part of the Parade of Uniforms on the stage, will have a go at street dancing, circus skills and be part of a live media link up of Rainbows, Brownies and Guides around the country. I get to renew my promise too along with her. I know I will cry!

Have a great time!

Janice said...

Hope you had a wonderful celebration. Our night was fantastic, my mountain top moment was the promise and the realisation that we were saying it with 1/2 a million others across the UK. My guides were wonderful I am so proud of them and their achievements.

Working Mum said...

Hope you had a fantastic night. We need a post about it!!!

Hope you don't mind, but I've mentioned you in my post about last night.

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