Friday, 26 November 2010

Kitted out

I took my daughter to the dentist to have six teeth out today as the first step towards having a brace, it actually went pretty well, much quicker than we thought and she admits it wasn't as bad as she thought.

For various reasons, our dentist is an hour away from us, in so we left in plenty of time for the appointment. With a very smooth run through, we ended up there half an hour early so I took advantage and slipped into the Guide shop in that city...for locals its the one in Princess Road East, I know at least one reader will know where that is!

Our local Guiding shop is run by volunteers and only open 6 hours a week and you have to order pretty much everything. This one? Based in county office, open for hours at a time, plenty of stock, it was heaven! I bought the things I needed: 10 Hostess badges, 2 Brownie leaving badges and 4 Sixer badges.

I also bought things I didn't need so much but have been coveting!
  • a zip up Guider hoody - so comfortable and warm
  • a formal Guiding shirt, I've got away with not owning one as the old formal shirt was this awful awful stripey number but a new version has just been brought out and it's lovely - fitted and flattering...sadly, no pic of it from the online shop, it is that new but it is a pale blue slightly stiffened fabric with a pink insert on the collar
  • and an I survived 20/10/2010 badge
I got daughter a little monkey keyring with a Guide t-shirt, she clutched it throughout having her teeth pulled!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Blast from the Harry Potter past

With the launch of the Harry Potter movie, here's a blast from the past: when my Brownies met JK Rowling.

(This memory was brought to you by the letter S, for Smalltownmom, who has her own special Harry Potter story)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday

13 Brownies + 4 leaders + 1 Guide + 1 Beaver Scout = our showing for Remembrance Sunday - I was very pleased with the turn-out.

Of course we weren't the only ones there, the village we are part of the district of had Beavers, Cubs and Scouts there (our token Beaver Scout was my son, he goes to a different group in a different district but because my daughter had a taekwondo tournament my husband had taken her so my son had to come with me), plus there were a few Brownies from the village with their leader, plus all the veterans, Royal British Legion and quite a lot of regular church-goers.

As well as my daughter, we were missing one leader and YL, they attended a ceremony at the leader's godson's military college.

It was cold, threatening rain, and the girls huddled together like penguins. But I told each one how proud of them I was for turning out.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

So simple and so much fun

Before half-term, we looked back through the scrapbook of everything we have done in the Centenary Year. It was meant to be a 10 minute time filler but turned into 40 mins as the girls recalled the fun and said what they had enjoyed the most.

Most popular answers to that question?

So we decided to give the parents the chance to see everything too, it was meant to be an evening where we set out all the pages, and parents could come and look, and didn't pan out like that but it DID pan out very well.

Some girls wanted to turn it into a chance to do their hostess badge, so the first week we planned. In their sixes they decided who they would invite, what entertainment they would provide, and what refreshments they would offer. Then we discussed it all together in pow-wow (we just call it circle though) then back to the sixes to make the invitations.

Not everyone wanted to do their hostess badge, those that did were told they had to make a table decoration on the theme of 100 between week one and two. About half did.

So, week two, we set out tables and seats for 70 people, the girls had a quick practice of their entertainment and laid out the drinks and snacks. Then 30 mins later the parents and siblings came back (out of the 23 girls present, 21 sets of parents and siblings came, one didn't come at specific request of their daughter, haven't established why the last lot didn't send someone).

Each family was welcomed into the hall by their Brownie, thanked for coming, shown to a seat and offered refreshment. Then the entertainment included playing Red Letter (parents too) and Musical Statues, a rendition of Jingle Bells on piano, flute and bells (with a solo from one newly-enrolled Brownie who was the only one brave enough to sing), When the Saints Go Marching In on the clarinet and a dance to the Black Eyed Peas!

Finally the girls cleared up and we were done!

A few parents did flick through the scrapbook (with so many people in the room and needing space for games we couldn't put it out as separate pages) but the original aim didn't really matter, what mattered is that the girls planned, executed and cleared up the whole evening and their parents were very proud, as were we.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Deleted an actor

Remember I posted about this news story?

Check out this BBC News story: [that actor bloke] turned up at a London primary, dressed as [that character], after a nine year old wrote him a letter.

And what was that nine year old wearing while chatting to the news reporter? A 2nd Greenwich Guiding sweatshirt, did you spot the trefoil right in the middle?

Ever since, I've been getting thousands of hits a day - flattering, but simply because the pic I used turned up on the first page of Google Images when people search for him. It's made it hard to keep an eye on how the blog is doing, so I've deleted the post, but wanted to keep the story link.
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