Monday, 27 December 2010


Daughter is not impressed that we're having leftovers AGAIN today.

I, however, subscribe to the theory that I cook so much on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that I get until the end of the 27th before I have to do anything other than warm stuff up.

I even specifically cook a ham on Christmas Eve while preparing everything else, that is then set aside for Boxing Day onwards.

I don't think I am that big a meany, after all, she is able to choose from:
  • turkey
  • stuffing
  • ham
  • pork pie
  • Stilton
  • smoked salmon
  • filo prawns
  • mini quiches
  • Jacobs Crackers (why do we ALL want the digestive ones when they are the only biscuit in the box you cannot buy separately)
  • bread
Not like I am thrusting a turkey sandwich in her hand and telling her to lump it!

Hope you had a good Christmas and have a great Hogmanay!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

familiar? oh yes!

So, this time last year, I took part in Jen on the Edge's Holiday Homes tour. I'm taking part again, but for those of you who saw our decorations last year, this is going to seem eerily familiar. I take pride in the fact that our house looks the same (mess) every year.

This year, the only changes are centred around the tree:
  • the tree is slightly smaller which does at least mean we don't snag on the branches as we walk in the room
  • we have a new stand, the four plastic legged stand that we've had for years had a leg snapped off in the tree-putting-up, so I have acquired a circular one with a foot pump that clamps onto the tree. It seems much easier but I am reserving judgement until we get through the next couple of weeks without the tree going splat
  • and finally, the tree was wholly decorated by the children this year. This has resulted in what can only be described as a melange on the front of the tree and a single strand of tinsel on the back. From the street, it looks like we couldn't afford baubles. From the living room, it looks like Christmas threw up on the tree. Love it!
Here's the guide to what you can see:
  1. The paltry decorations in daughter's room, thanks to an ill-timed strop which means her brother got all the spare Christmas lights for his room...
  2. you can see here!
  3. The Daleks on top of the bookcase - actually they are there all year but they inevitably end up being played with at Christmas so I am counting them
  4. My Christmas glass bells, bought in Austria in 1994 - they predate even meeting my husband and are precious to me because they represent "adult" Christmas, ie Christmas not at my mum and dad's house. Every year I am thrilled to take them out and find they are still intact, long may that last
  5. The Christmas Minis Tirith - came with a DVD boxset years ago, immediately became our Christmas table centrepiece for every year to come
  6. The heavily laden tree
  7. The star for the top of the tree
  8. The Christmas barbed wire - bought with my then boyfriend now husband to decorate the shared house where we lived, and put up for the 15 subsequent Christmases! Mangy, horrible looking, a crucial part of Christmas
  9. A reindeer card with baby son's feet and a Christmas wreath with baby daughter's hands - both are big galumphing school kids now and love seeing just how tiny they once were
  10. The string of candy canes is one of my favourite decorations, this year on our Paul Klee print
  11. Merry Christmas - I made this, back when I did cross stitch, I don't do it any more but this is one of the pieces I was most proud of. I didn't frame much, but I am glad I framed this.
  12. The thing that hangs along the mantlepiece - don't know what it is called!
  13. Our nativities: a Playmobil one, a painted wooden one and a solid wood one, plus a star Christmas tree, Santa and his sleigh, a few others bits and pieces...and son's apple juice!
That's our Christmas, apart from a few strands of tinsel round all the pictures, a cuddly snowman next to the tv, and a wreath on the front door. But it's dark now, so I can't get a picture of that!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Tiny taste

Here's a tiny taste of what we have planned for Brownies from Jan to July, incorporating all the things they love like new skills, making things and food!
  • Japan
  • division challenge
  • Chinese New Year
  • Thinking Day
  • Movies
  • Ceramics
  • Chips
  • the Royal Wedding
  • Healthy Heart
  • America
  • lots of outdoor stuff
Plus a division thinking day zoo visit, first aid training for the leaders, a district masked ball and a sleepover

More details will follow!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Last Brownies of 2010 tonight

Finishing early I know, but next week is the school nativity which means we lose our hall and although none of our Brownies are in it, many have younger brothers and sisters who are (and I have a son who is in it for the last time before he moves to the Juniors section of the school *sniff*) so no point running the meeting elsewhere. The week after, the school breaks up that day, so we don't meet either.

So this will be us until 2011! Time to say goodbye to two Brownies off to Guides in January, with two newbies starting then too. We haven't planned next term yet, our meeting is tomorrow night so there's more to come!
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