Thursday, 2 December 2010

Last Brownies of 2010 tonight

Finishing early I know, but next week is the school nativity which means we lose our hall and although none of our Brownies are in it, many have younger brothers and sisters who are (and I have a son who is in it for the last time before he moves to the Juniors section of the school *sniff*) so no point running the meeting elsewhere. The week after, the school breaks up that day, so we don't meet either.

So this will be us until 2011! Time to say goodbye to two Brownies off to Guides in January, with two newbies starting then too. We haven't planned next term yet, our meeting is tomorrow night so there's more to come!


Tawny said...

We have two weeks to go until we finish, but I am always a little sad as another year comes to an end, especially one as jam packed as this one!

Kelloggsville said...

wow - well done. What a year. Looking forward to seeing your plans :0) Have a lovely break.

TopChamp said...

We finish next week with the Division xmas concert so we're not long after you.

It's nice to have a wee break anyway.

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