Saturday, 22 January 2011

Japan, China and the rest of the world

All done with Japan, the girls made some amazing origami and tasted some Japanese food to finish off. We're moving onto the first of two weeks on a local challenge next week, then Chinese New Year.

After that, it's my turn, two weeks on the WAGGGS Thinking Day Challenge, should be good.

We had two more new starts this week, one was a Brownie in another pack before and she slipped in seamlessly, the other will work with the other new Brownies towards her promise.

We have a horrendous waiting list right now, we have lots of seven and eight year olds and hardly any nine years olds so I actually only have three girls due to leave during the whole of 2011, but 11 girls on the waiting list old enough to start in 2011. Every time someone joins the list, I give them details of other units and suggest they try there, but my waiting list never seems to get any smaller! Someone needs to start a 2nd X Brownies - but if you suggest that there's always 100 reasons why parents don't want to step up and be leaders...where do they think we magically came from? Our daughters couldn't get into the local Brownie packs so we started a unit, that's how it has to be sometimes!


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