Friday, 14 January 2011


Back to Brownies last night, and we are doing the Japan Challenge, created by a Senior Section girl who went on a trip to Japan with Guiding and needed to fundraise to get there.

The girls loved it, they all came out chattering away, and this morning I saw several carrying their fans to show off at Show and Tell. Even better, this evening was led by Robin, who has shared leading a meeting before but has never run one entirely by herself (with other Guiders to do as she says, of course). She was a bundle of nerves beforehand but she clearly pitched it very well as the girls were very enthusiastic about what they had learned. I am very proud of her.

While she led the meeting, supported by Otter and Puffin (back from maternity leave, yay!), Parrot and I were in the hallway, taking in subs, census and more. We have a 12 week term this term, and we also have to pay the annual subscription per girl and leader in the next few weeks, so there was quite a lot of money (mostly cheques fortunately) coming in.

On top of that we have an adventure weekend planned in June and we needed to get numbers and send off the deposit for that, so there were parents paying either £10 and the next two £10s over the next two months, or paying the full £30. Coupled with two new girls who paid a neckerchief deposit as well (our Brownies wear neckerchiefs with a massive unit badge on the back, we've had trouble getting them back in the past so now we take a £5 deposit when they start and give it back when they return the neckerchief when they leave), there were five different possible permutations of money coming in depending on what the girl was paying for.

We managed all that, sorted out the admin for the adventure weekend, worked out which girls had completed their Seasons badge and even managed 10 minutes as part of the meeting! Just one set of subs to chase next week, plus Thinking Day consent forms, and then we are all set for the term.


TopChamp said...

oh - I have to get organised. Quickly! We have pack holiday in May but otherwise we're unplanned as yet....

Am procrastinating a lot (tax return due).

TopChamp said...

p.s. What's the Adventure Weekend?

Jen said...

TC, we're going to a Scout place, quite like Auchengillan (I loved Auchengillan growing up, went up there for the fireworks every year with my family and also visited with the Beaver group that I helped with as a Guide) and staying for the weekend - leaders on the first night then the girls will get there on the Sat morning. They will be doing grass sleds, zip wire, swimming and orienteering.

Working Mum said...

How organised are you?

My daughter missed Rainbows last night due to illness, I've not paid her subs yet and I've lost the letter saying how much it is. I'm tempted to just send a £20 note and say "keep the change" - would that mess up the accounts? :)

Jen said...

Working Mum - not sure how welcome that would be, it's so hard to keep things straight! :-) Apart from anything else though, our subs alone for this term were £24 as we have a 12 week term!

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