Monday, 24 January 2011

Love where I live

Yesterday, daughter and I went to the O2 Arena to watch a show. Train takes about an hour, then half an hour across London.

Today, while Londoners were crammed in like sardines on the Underground heading to work, my drive to work took me past a grouse (walking across the road just like in the Famous Grouse adverts, google them to see the ads, I like the rugby ball one best) and two emus - they live next to some stables, no idea why!

I love where I live - easy access to the big smoke, but a commute with rare birds of a morning.

And we won't mention that on the way home, about 500m up the road, I am pretty sure I saw a dead grouse and it's likely the same one.


Kelloggsville said...

I think it's only illegal to collect road kill if you hit it yourself, if someone else does then it's fair game. Game! Get it...see what I did there?!!!!!!!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I love where you live too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to where we live although I walk to work and do not see emus!


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