Sunday, 30 January 2011

Swift change of plans

At our last Brownie meeting, we were supposed to be out and about in the neighbourhood where our Brownies live, looking at the local community and deciding what aspects of it we wanted to capture for a local challenge.

The Brownies were very excited, particularly because of course at this time of year it is dark by the time we meet, so they were all told to wrap up warm and bring a torch or lantern.

But when I went to collect my son from school, the school most of our Brownies attend, several mums came up to me and asked if we were still planning to go out, because it was bitterly cold, and with girls either coming down with colds or getting over them, they were thinking they might not send their daughter. Once the third mum asked, I realised we were going to be way down on numbers, so we moved to plan B.

In the summer term we were going to do the Healthy Heart badge. It's one of the newer Brownie badges, although we did it as a unit as soon as it came out back in 2007, so we had done it as leaders before even though none of the current Brownies had done it. I already had everything we needed, as I had run a 5K to raise money for Heart Research UK and they had been kind enough to send me some resources specifically for the badge: balloons, stickers and a worksheet to work through.

So we swapped to Healthy Heart for the night, and it went well, the girls were amazed by some of the facts, like the distance your blood travels round your body every day (over 11,000km!) and were very inventive coming up with their own games. They didn't complete the badge on the night, they still have some work to do at home if they want to finish it.

Incidentally, any other Brownie leaders thinking of doing the badge, it is worth contacting the charity to see if they can spare some worksheets, they were originally brought out in 2008 and they don't advertise them on their site any more so I don't know how many they have left but even if you only get a few you could copy them for the meeting. They didn't say I had to raise money for them in return, though they are of course a charity so everything helps, I raised £143. Often when people think heart they think British Heart Foundation, these guys are much smaller but no less worth supporting.


Kelloggsville said...

We had a bunch of student nurses and doctors come and run a night. The girls all brought teddies in which were operated on! I think they are a team from Kettering hospital. Mail me if you are interested and I will find out from our Brown Owl how to get hold of them. But it sounds like you did very well alone!!!

Blue Wellies said...

no they were from UHL - Teddy Bear Hospital - medical students trying to get some extra brownie points - excuse the pun - with the university. Definately recommend them though :)

TopChamp said...

We just followed the badge clauses from what I recall - made smoothies.. that's all I remember actually.

This week we did Number Fun which I was expecting to be a bit dull but it was actually really good. I might blog about it.

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