Sunday, 6 February 2011

Brownie Chinese New Year

The Brownies celebrated Chinese New Year this week, with food - those girls do love their food! - Chinese lanterns and lovely scratch art animals from the Chinese calendar.

Lots of excitement too as we appointed two new sixers and three new seconds, very happy with the sixer appointments, the seconds seem quite young but I wanted to give each a chance for different reasons.

One is very quiet but has grown so much in her time with us so I am hoping being a second will give her more confidence.

One is new to our unit but was a Brownie in another unit, I am hoping being a second will make her feel included, accepted - she is very giggly and I think that may be nerves about her new situation.

And the third is very forward, always asking questions before we get to the end of the sentence, butting in when we are explaining, even when I appointed her, she yelled "Yes!" So I am hoping being a second brings a little maturity for her, the need to work together to support her six should be good for her I think.

I think they will all make good seconds, if I have judged them correctly!

PS: the badge above wasn't actually given out, we ordered them when we did Chinese New Year two years ago and they are lovely but right now we can't afford little extra badges like these, our funds are being directed towards our adventure weekend in the summer as much as possible. Not to the detriment of our weekly meetings, just directing the "nice extras" budget towards the weekend instead.


TopChamp said...

Sounds good... Activity Weekend, eh? We have had some personnel changes this term too, and I'm rubbish at organising the sixes. I think I'm just gonna slot the newbies into the spaces the departed have left.

What you doing for Valentines? We're doing love bugs from Tunnocks Tea Cakes and card, googly eyes, pompoms, pipe-cleaners, glitter... whatever else I can dig out. Thought you'd like the Tunnocks element.

Jen said...

Your love bugs sound fun, we're not doing valentines, I've honestly never thought of doing that event with Brownies, will have to do it next year!

TopChamp said...

It can be disconcerting. One had a boyfriend (Callum) who she wrote love notes to on her Love Bug's wings. Only 1 though.

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