Monday, 21 February 2011


See the doll second from the right? That's Nonny!

For my daughter's first birthday she was given that doll, and she carried it everywhere with her for the next four years. We went on holiday, so did Nonny. She went to the loo, so did Nonny. She went to pre-school, so did Nonny. There's pictures of her at weddings, at her grandparents, always with Nonny hanging off her hand.

Luckily, we quickly realised her attachment to Nonny and were able to snap up a second Nonny, known to us as Evil Twin Derek so that our daughter wouldn't realise what we meant when we referred to it each time it was time to switch them over so Nonny/Derek could have a wash. (Why Evil Twin Derek? A short-lived obsession with the Sunday omnibus of Sunset Beach in the late nineties)

Oh, and why Nonny? We think she was trying to say Dolly.

Once she started school she started to leave Nonny at home, but she was always next to her in bed at night, till she was eight or nine, then she became one of many stuffed toys at the end of the bed, still beloved but not constantly needed.

We even felt last year that she could know about Evil Twin Derek and not be too traumatised, and indeed, she didn't really care (she's 12 now!)

Anyway, all of this has nothing to do with anything other than I stumbled across these five dolls on Ebay, truly stumbled because it's not like I can search for the word Nonny.

Sadly, these 5 dolls have only ever sat on a shelf, according to the information. Those dolls haven't lived like Nonny has. Maybe the new purchaser will love this Nonny like our girl loved hers.


Kelloggsville said...

ahhh the evil twin Derek scam!! I cut 'snuggley' in half when daughter was very small for exactly the same reason!

Working Mum said...

Dolls are meant to be loved. Does Nonny have bare patches and missing bits? That makes her all the more loved.

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