Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thinking Day 2011: lemons and limes

Have been using my spare time to prepare for our two weeks on World Thinking Day at Brownies.

Don't know what Thinking Day is? Here's the explanation.

And here's some of what we have done over the years:
We will be attending a division thinking day event, and in our meetings we will be doing the WAGGGS 2011 challenge pack, so I have been:
  • writing Brownie names on lemons and limes
  • writing Brownie names on large envelopes
  • cutting up paper so each envelope has 23 pieces of paper
  • putting together a plan for the first week that involves those things and more
For the second week, I am throwing it out to the girls to make the decision, the second week will be based around whichever of the 5 WAGGGS named countries being supported by the Thinking Day fund this year:
  • Nepal
  • Cyprus
  • Bolivia
  • Yemen
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
Not easy choices for me but I know I'll come up with something, whatever country they choose! There's a sheet on each in the WAGGGS pack and I'll use those as the starting point. I am hoping they don't choose Cyprus, probably the only country any of them would have been to, I think the more unfamiliar to them, the better.


Kelloggsville said...

•Democratic Republic of Congo?!

You're made of sterner stuff than me!!

Did the coin turn up?

TopChamp said...

We started looking at this - but we also like the Scottish themed WAGGS stuff and have done the country dancing already. There's a Girlguiding goes Tartan badge which is really nice too.

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