Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Still here / Japan

I am still here, I've been laid low by a kidney infection, I will be back!

In the meantime, my Brownies, together with the Rainbows who meet before us and the Guides who meet after us, have raised over £400 so far for Japan and are still going...details to follow once I have more energy and time to blog properly.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

What can Brownies do for Japan?

It's not even two months since my Brownie pack did the Japan Challenge, and maybe that's why what has happened there has touched me so deeply.

What can my Brownies do to help? We can't just take the good bits of Japan that we did in the challenge and not help out when they need us immediately afterwards.

Well, I have sent an email out to our sister Brownie, Guide and Senior Section unit because I have a plan. I want to buy one shelterbox to send to Japan. It offers shelter, cooking facilities, warmth, even colouring items for kids to keep them busy. It's not cheap, it costs £590, which is why I want to enlist all 4 units to work together, it would mean raising around £10 per girl that way.

So far I have heard back from the Senior Section leader and she is on board.

Ideas so far:
  1. An origami making evening and parents buy the origami their kids made, we'd sell juice and baking as well
  2. Buy cheap fans from Baker Ross and have a stall at our school fair selling them for £1 each, that would be 60p profit per fan.
  3. A Japanese wish tree, 5op to write out your wish on a slip and tie to the tree.
  4. The Senior Section leader has loads of Japanese style fabric and she is happy to make fabric roses we could sell.
I really want to do this - any more ideas that would be low cost for us but income-generating for the cause?

Sunday, 6 March 2011


First we shared Thinking Day with the rest of the division - we went to a nearby zoo, and apparently there were over 400 of us! It was great fun - very very cold, but overall the girls had a good time.

Now I'm sharing Brownies! Our waiting list has got just horrendous, right now we have 24 Brownies, only 4 of whom are 9 and therefore would leave within the next year to go to Guides. But the waiting list had 13 girls who are either old enough to start or would be old enough in the next year.

I had started trying to encourage mums on the waiting list to think about setting up a 2nd X Brownies, that's what we did six years ago when our daughters couldn't get a place locally. But then I found out that one of the packs in my district, and another nearer pack in another district are both actively looking for girls, so I wrote to the parents of all the six year olds on the list telling them where they were on the list, and what the anticipated date of them starting with us would be. I also added contact details for the other two Brownies packs.

And so far, at least three have taken up places with the other units - which means all the others on my list can move a little bit further up, and three girls get to be Brownies way sooner than if they had waited. I'm hoping another four or five will do the same, which will get things on a more manageable basis.
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