Sunday, 6 March 2011


First we shared Thinking Day with the rest of the division - we went to a nearby zoo, and apparently there were over 400 of us! It was great fun - very very cold, but overall the girls had a good time.

Now I'm sharing Brownies! Our waiting list has got just horrendous, right now we have 24 Brownies, only 4 of whom are 9 and therefore would leave within the next year to go to Guides. But the waiting list had 13 girls who are either old enough to start or would be old enough in the next year.

I had started trying to encourage mums on the waiting list to think about setting up a 2nd X Brownies, that's what we did six years ago when our daughters couldn't get a place locally. But then I found out that one of the packs in my district, and another nearer pack in another district are both actively looking for girls, so I wrote to the parents of all the six year olds on the list telling them where they were on the list, and what the anticipated date of them starting with us would be. I also added contact details for the other two Brownies packs.

And so far, at least three have taken up places with the other units - which means all the others on my list can move a little bit further up, and three girls get to be Brownies way sooner than if they had waited. I'm hoping another four or five will do the same, which will get things on a more manageable basis.


Working Mum said...

I hope you manage to start a new unit for those girls. Our church has 3 Brownie packs because it's so popular, and loads of mums willing to help. Good to see it thriving.

Jen on the Edge said...

That's so great that there's so much interest in Brownies. Here, it's not as big, so we don't have as many troops/packs and it's hard to get parents involved.

Kelloggsville said...

Well done, I wish we had a way to manage waiting lists more generically on GO so parents could get on Line and see where girls could get in. The logistics when I think about the different ways it could work make my head hurt which is probably why nationally we haven't managed to do it yet. It's only by working closely at a district level that we can do it. Well done for being so proactive with it.

TopChamp said...

Sounds very sensible!

We have 26 and the pack feels huge. 2 are due to go to Guides at Easter with another handful in summer heading up, but right now it's a bit crazy!

We have no waiting list though.

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