Friday, 29 April 2011

Back to Brownies

A very busy night back at Brownies, not least because we won't meet next week as all the girls are off school (again!) for the local elections and AV voting.

The girls took part in a royal wedding challenge, and judging from the shrieks from the hall - I was in the outer area dealing with subs and other finance stuff - they had lots of fun.

We also had lots for them all to take home. Everyone there last night got a royal wedding challenge badge - we had 23 out of 26 girls there last night which was quite good as we only had 24 badges! If they had all turned up, we wouldn't have given the newbies a badge, we'd have told them they could start earning them from next week, but as we had 3 missing, we were fine.

There were also Japan badges for all the girls who helped to fundraise last term, we didn't distinguish between who had raised what, so all the girls who were with us last term got one, the newbies didn't get one as this was their first night.

On top of those, they were also receipts for the girls who had paid up their subs, five interest badges given out to four girls who had earned them over the last month, and the china most of them had painted one night last term, one of the nights when I was ill.

The china was beautiful, there were plates and mugs and they really were excellent. The YL and the two PLs took them out to the gate where the Brownies leave so that they could take them carefully straight to their parents and not give them a chance to drop them when they had so much to carry already!

So, a week off next week, then back the week after, though our numbers will be down as quite a few girls will be on a school trip. The week after that we should see the full strength 26 girls back, we're trying out 26 this term with a view of either going to 28 in September if we can manage it or back to 24 in September if we find the girls are too noisy/uncontrolled. We want to be able to give the girls individual attention and although we have a large leadership team, we want to be sure that still happens. We'll see how it goes!


TopChamp said...

Large numbers can be tough... I find it so hard to say 'no' but managed last week! (Proud and sad at the same time).

The Royal Wedding badges look lovely - I wish I'd got them but I wasn't sure how it'd go down here. Some people were so vocally opposed to the thing we had a Prince and Princess theme instead, which the kids loved.

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