Friday, 15 April 2011

London Olympics 2012

Not Guiding, but my family have now applied for tickets for London 2012 Olympics in the public ballot.

You have to choose what events you are interested in, what locations if there are more than one (such as in the case of football) and what dates. Then you have to say the maximum you are prepared to spend and you will only be entered into the ballot for tickets that are that much or are less.

One really nice aspect is that under 16s pay their age. So for our two kids, we would pay £13 and £8, no matter how much our adult tickets cost.

We have to wait now, find out if we have been successful, but we have applied for:
  • Cycling (track)
  • Cycling (road)
  • Tennis - at Wimbledon!
  • Football
  • Taekwondo
I reckon we should be successful with the football (as there are lots of stadia to choose from, all with thousands of seats) and the taekwondo (as it is a minority sport). Hubby really wants the track cycling and I really want to go to Wimbledon. With the road cycling, if we don't get tickets for the grandstand we may go anyway as the route is through London so there will be a lot of vantage points.

It's exciting! What it does mean is if we get tickets there will be no foreign holiday for us next year, we can't afford both plus those events are across three of only six school holiday weeks. We should be able to manage a week in the UK though, so we will get a holiday, and hey, it will be worth giving up abroad for a year to be part of London 2012, we want to be part of the Olympics in our own country.


Jen on the Edge said...

It would be so exciting if you could see some of the Olympics.

And, I must admit that I got a little tear of joy in my eye when I read that you used "stadia" instead of the incorrect option. :-)

Working Mum said...

Hubby is planning on applying for tickets for the football (of course!) and for the show jumping (for daughter). Personally, I'm not a sports fan and am not bothered about it at all. If I lived in London, I'd be going away and renting my house out!

Hope you are successful with your applications though! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

so exciting. I hope you get the tickets! =)

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