Saturday, 23 April 2011

Quilts for the Olympics

Anyone done this? Am thinking it might be a fun project for the autumn with the Brownies and start to get them excited about the Olympics...

I can't quilt, though I could ask around to find someone who could. I wouldn't be afraid of doing it as two layers sewn together round the edge, which looks acceptable. The deadline is December 2011, so plenty of time to do it after the summer.


TopChamp said...

I tried quilting - this looks easy - but I can't work out for the website what it's actually for. Are they giving them to the athletes? Or are they decorating streets? I didn't spend long trying to find out - just wondering as it wasn't immediately obvious to me.

Jen said...

I think they hope to give one to every athlete. I'm not 100% sold, and I know GGUK has already said they will be doing an Olympic challenge, so I may not take it any further. Not sure.

Maxine said...

Hey, Hope you're ok - have just started following your blog to see what you lot are doing nowadays - sounds like you are all having lots of fun. I am on the GGUK olympic committee so I would wait to see what we come up with!!

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