Friday, 8 April 2011

Shelterbox and Japan

I'm much much better from my kidney infection and made it back to Brownies for the first time last night, just in time for our Japan fundraising evening.

Our girls have been working hard for weeks, not just my Brownies, but also the Rainbows that meet before us, the Guides that meet after us, and the Senior Section run by two of the Guide Guiders.

They raised loads of money by filling jam jars with change, some girls did sponsored events, lots of girls did jobs round the house for money, and the older girls ran bake sales at their schools.

Then we finished off last night with an origami evening where families came, bought the templates, and we supplied thin paper, scissors, glue and pens to make whatever they chose. We also sold drinks and home baking, ran a Guess the name of the rabbit, and one of the Senior Section Guiders made beautiful flowers out of Japanese fabric.

All those efforts together, plus parents of Brownies and Guides agreeing not to have subs refunded for a night back in March where we had to call off the meeting at short notice, added up to...


We will be sending £651.73 of that directly to Shelterbox, it will pay for one Shelterbox plus £60 left over for the charity to spend as they need. The other £152 has already gone to Shelterbox via an initiative set up by a couple of Guiders to raise money for the charity by selling badges - we bought badges for every girl and leader involved in our fundraising, a great way to say thank you but still have the money go to our chosen charity.

If you're a Guiding or Scouting leader (there's no trefoil on the badge so it is not exclusively Girlguiding) and might like to purchase the badges too (or even if you are not!), the details are in the Help Now image. If you can't click on it to make it bigger, the contact is and the badges are £2 each plus postage with all profit going to Shelterbox.


Anonymous said...

woohoo £803.73 is a HUGE achievement <3

Kelloggsville said...

well done, you should all be very proud xx pleased you are feeling better too xx

Anonymous said...

Well done. A great achievement. I was wondering if you were feeling better.


TopChamp said...

that's an amazing amount! Well done!! (also glad you're better)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Great news! CONGRATS on raising so much money!

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