Saturday, 28 May 2011

sad Brownie

Other Brownie leaders, some advice? One of our new Brownies is struggling, she has been dreading Brownies all week according to her mum and was in tears just before the meeting.

When she is at the meeting, she seems to enjoy it. But away from us, she works herself into a state.

Specifics: she found the two Guides working with her on Becoming a Brownie were intimidating and upsetting. It was the first time the two Guides had worked with the new girls rather than our two Young Leaders so I had made sure I was with them for much of the time and I actually felt they were doing really well. This particular Brownie has a big sister that was in the same class as the two Guides up until July this year and is still in the same class at secondary as one of the two Guides so she knows them quite well, so I was really surprised.

I took note of what mum said and I worked with the new girls myself this Thursday instead, but if she's still finding it all intimidating I am not sure what to do next. She knows her promise, she's gone off to practice lending a hand, I've made sure her buddy is a girl she really likes, she seems to be embracing it all, but I am worried she will get upset again.

I don't want to lose this Brownie, her sister tried us and another Brownie pack five years ago and chose the other Brownie pack, which was of course her choice, but I kind of feel like if I can't get it right for this girl, I'm doing something wrong because then both sisters wouldn't have joined us.

Anything I can do? Other than hope?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cake pops for the school fair

Remember I made cake pops, just for fun? Well, I'm going to make them again, but this time for the school fair. I've promised to make 100. Gulp - hope they sell!

I've done a little experimenting in the meantime; I tried buying white chocolate and tinting it to reduce the cost of coating the cake pops, but it does seem that the candy melts are the best thing, I couldn't get as strong a colour or as good a finish with the tinted stuff. I wasn't making cake pops, just cupcake bites, and when I picked them up, to do the top coating, even after they had been in the fridge for a few hours, the chocolate was still a little soft so I think I will play safe and get the candy melts from Hobby Craft again. I've ordered pink, yellow and blue - pictures will follow when I make them.

Friday, 13 May 2011

It's not oh so quiet...

We currently have 26 Brownies. A whopping NINE of those are Year Fours at a single school and were on a school residential this week. Couple that with one girl missing and we had just 16 girls last night!

The hall seemed very empty, but all bar two of the 16 were Year Three and Year Two girls, and they were quite giddy and silly and didn't concentrate very hard on instructions - a game of Octopus was completely chaotic, lasting forever and with seaweed running about when they should be standing still.

Fun though - and I know it will seem noisier and fuller next week!
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