Friday, 13 May 2011

It's not oh so quiet...

We currently have 26 Brownies. A whopping NINE of those are Year Fours at a single school and were on a school residential this week. Couple that with one girl missing and we had just 16 girls last night!

The hall seemed very empty, but all bar two of the 16 were Year Three and Year Two girls, and they were quite giddy and silly and didn't concentrate very hard on instructions - a game of Octopus was completely chaotic, lasting forever and with seaweed running about when they should be standing still.

Fun though - and I know it will seem noisier and fuller next week!


TopChamp said...

I love the Bjork pic to go along with this post. Funny.

Kelloggsville said...

instructions for Octopus required please!

Jen said...

We use the marked out netball court, you can play inside too but our hall's not really big enough. The court is the ocean, you can't step outside or you become seaweed. Start with all the girls in the semi circle at one end and an octopus per five or six girls. Semi circles are safe, octopus can't enter. The octopus has to try and tig girls while they run to the other semi circle. If tigged you become seaweed, standing still but waving your arms to try and catch the girls still running. Last girl who is not seaweed or an octopus wins. You can also free seaweed by diving between their legs while running between semi circles but we get too many torn trousers that way.

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