Friday, 10 June 2011

sad Brownie not so sad

We seem to have made a breakthrough with Sad Brownie and she is now Happy but Timid Brownie - which is the girl I was expecting from knowing her for seven years!

Kelloggsville got it spot on with her advice to me, I sent her and the other new Brownie outdoors with the rest of the Brownies last night (I was inside with 17 parents running a parents meeting before our weekend away, details of that will follow after we have been away in the next few weeks) and she was much happier being in the mix of it.

I do still think the nub of the issue wasn't so much the two Guides but more what she expected Brownies to be, but as she seems happier now, and integrated, we have hopefully assimilated her (sorry for the Borg reference, you can take the girl away from her science fiction but you can't take the science fiction out of me).

So, we have 25 happy Brownies - yes, not 26, the 26th flatly refused to return and would not tell her mum why, she said she loved the week she came, but she didn't want to go back thanks. Not fretting about that, just getting on with it.

This term we've been working on the American Challenge from (need to be a member to see that one) and the Outdoor Challenge from Anglia Region, we are in Midlands Region but they let anyone do their badges. So, bit more of both of those for the next couple of weeks and then we hit summer.

Bring it on!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What's involved with the America Challenge?

Working Mum said...

It's funny how they have different ideas about Brownies and how it affects them.

My daughter, who was so ready for Brownies, is struggling a little at the moment because she hasn't been allocated a six yet and doesn't feel like she belongs.

Sadly, the Brown Owl (who I know), has just lost her father and so Brownies is just ticking over until she returns. I've explained this to daughter and she seems happier to go with the flow now that she understands what is going on.

She's now looking forward to her first Church Parade as a Brownie tomorrow!

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