Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Guide twins beat Brownie twins

Remember the Brownie twins who gained more than 120 Brownie badges? There were just four badges they didn't manage to get.

I just spotted a story about Guide twins who achieved EVERY Guide badge - 45 each.

Remarkable - yes it is less badges than the Brownies gained but to achieve every badge across all the different areas is incredible plus many of the Guide badges are a lot harder than the Brownie ones, not just incrementally harder in terms of age.

Makes me wonder how those Brownie twins are doing as Guides!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Subs for a term times three

I know I've mentioned easyfundraising before but I just found out our unit is getting a whopping £76.34 for the last three months, so I wanted to enthuse about it again! That will cover three girls' subs for a term, if needed, if anyone is struggling to pay, or we can use it towards trips etc.

If you want to sign up your Guiding unit, or other charity, then please use our referral link: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/679 - it makes no difference to the amount you could earn, and we could earn a small percentage on top.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

What lies ahead?

Well, we've had our planning meeting for the September - December term, it's always good to do it before the summer hols start as it is so hard for us all to get together once we break up.

be studying Fair Trade, recycling things, learning about crime prevention, making toys and doing experiments, plus a party organised by my daughter as part of her work towards her Baden Powell Award.

The girls
can count a lot of what we do towards some of the Brownie badges too, so if any of the activities pique their interest, they could earn one or more of:
  • World Issues
  • Toymaker
  • Crime Prevention
  • Science Investigator.
They're all badges we've looked at before as a unit, but not with the girls we have now, so all fresh, and we're doing each in a different way too so it'll be fresh for us too.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Brownies round the world: Japan

Since my Brownies have done so much about Japan this year (both the Japan Challenge and fundraising after the tsunami), it seems only natural to make Brownies in Japan the next in my series on Brownies round the world.

Japan has had Girl Scouting since 1919 so they recently celebrated 90 years while the UK celebrated 100.

Their Brownies are called Brownies, and are followed by Junior Girl Scout, Senior Girl Scout then Ranger Girl Scout. Brownies are aged 6-9, Juniors 9-12, Seniors 12-15 and Rangers 15-17. There are also Tenderfoots, like our Rainbows, they only started in 2001 and unlike Rainbows, girls are only a Tenderfoot for one year before moving to Brownies.

The Brownie promise:
Watakushi wa:
Kami [hotoke] to kuni o aishi
Mainichi hitobito o tasuke
Tokuni uchino otetsudai o shimasu

The Brownie motto:
Te o kase

I promise to do my best:
To love God [Buddha] and my country
To help other people every day
Especially those at home

Motto: Lend a hand

Brownies wear a very sweet blue pinafore over a white blouse, with a blue sash for badges. I can't see my British Brownies happily wearing the pinafore but it is very cute!

Guiding was brought to Japan by a British missionary teacher called Miss Muriel Greenstreet. It was banned by the government during the Second World War and restarted in 1947.

The core of the Guiding programme in Japan is:
  • Self-development
  • Relationship with others
  • Enjoyment of outdoors

Useful links:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oldest Beaver

Remember the Newest Beaver?

Having gained his Bronze Chief Scout's Award, he has just one more meeting and he'll be off to Cubs. Time truly flies.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Masked ball

Last week, our Guiding district held a masked ball for the girls. 12 units were invited and we planned it out between us, sharing the load.

As they came in, I photographed them, sitting on a throne. Then there was dancing, then they moved round 4 areas: a game with card, musical statues, making a corsage and a chill out zone with drinks and snacks. There was also face-painting and more dancing, and they went home with a chocolate frog (as in kiss it and see if it turns into a prince!) They had already made their masks, in normal unit meetings.

It was fun - certainly more of a hit with the Rainbows and Brownies, but we had very few Guides and no Senior Section signed up so it inevitably ended up aimed at the younger girls.

Monday, 4 July 2011

All about me

I'm taking part in Jenna's Commenting Challenge and I noticed quite a few people were doing a Ten Things About Me to introduce themselves to their new visitors so I decided to do the same.
  1. I'm Scottish, living in England, born in Ireland. When the census reports are opened up in 100 years time, I am really going to confuse people - why does this woman who lives in England and was born in Ireland call herself Scottish? Weren't they crazy in 2011! The truth of it is, I have Scottish parents, was raised in Scotland and have a Scottish accent and no matter how long I live in England, I'll always be Scottish.
  2. I have lived in 19 houses in my 40 years of life, yet I have lived in our current house for 10 years. Shows you how much we moved as kids, plus quite a few six month lets when I was post student life bumped up that total.
  3. I am married, two kids, one girl, one boy. I work part-time to balance family life with work life, it's a juggling act like it is for everyone and sometimes I feel I am barely clinging on, but we always seem to survive.
  4. I love where we live, it's just an hour to London on the train but I drive past animals of nearly all kinds on the drive to work, including grouse and emus!
  5. I am a Brownie Guider, which you should have worked out from the header of the blog! I've been doing it since 2004 when I started so my daughter could be a Brownie, she has long since moved onto Guides but I still do it because I really enjoy it and I like that I am involved in our community. We are a very adventurous pack, with sports, and trips, and sleepovers.
  6. Thanks to Guiding (and me winning a competition), my Brownies and I got to meet JK Rowling at the midnight launch of the last ever Harry Potter book
  7. I love making cake pops
  8. I took up running last year and really enjoy it, although I don't manage to squeeze it in quite often enough around everything else, I am finding my weight is going down very slowly and surely, and I definitely keep up better with the kids
  9. Family is all to me, you'll never find me happier than when I am with my husband, kids, my parents, my two brothers, their wives and my nephew.
  10. My kinda bad habit is too much TV - husband and I went to the cinema a lot before we had the kids, and we've replaced the cinema trips with evenings in with DVDs
That's me, hope to see you around on the Commenting Challenge!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Comment crazy

I've been following Jenna's blog for a couple of years now, since she was pregnant with her first son. She leads what seems to me to be a real All-American life and I find it fascinating. I comment occasionally but mostly I just enjoy the pictures of her two wee boys and her amazing craft skills.

She's running a Commenting Challenge, starting tomorrow (Monday 4th) you try to comment on 10 blogs per day for 7 days, using the linky at the bottom of her post about the challenge. It gives you a chance to look at blogs you might never come across any other way, and maybe find a few you might like to add to your blogroll.

I'm going to give it a try - though 10 a day for 7 days might be hard, we'll see how the week goes. I thought it was something a bit different and you might like to try it too!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Such a good day

I know I'm supposed to say how, as a working parent, I was incredibly inconvenienced by the teachers strike yesterday. Indeed, if there are more strikes in the autumn, it will be a real hassle to juggle work and kid/s off school. But this one time?

I had brunch out with a group of lovely ladies including a friend from Germany who was here for just a few days.

I went shopping with daughter to sort out little things we hadn't had time for like changing her pin number to one she can remember and ordering her school uniform for September - because there's a whole new uniform for next school year. Watched The Apprentice with her on iplayer.

And in the evening, our Brownies, Guides and Senior Section went to the local Scout campsite and foraged for firewood, sang songs, played games, cooked sausages, toasted marshmallows and made smores (well, the UK version using chocolate digestives) and jelly smores.

It was quite simply, a lovely, lovely day.
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