Saturday, 16 July 2011

Brownies round the world: Japan

Since my Brownies have done so much about Japan this year (both the Japan Challenge and fundraising after the tsunami), it seems only natural to make Brownies in Japan the next in my series on Brownies round the world.

Japan has had Girl Scouting since 1919 so they recently celebrated 90 years while the UK celebrated 100.

Their Brownies are called Brownies, and are followed by Junior Girl Scout, Senior Girl Scout then Ranger Girl Scout. Brownies are aged 6-9, Juniors 9-12, Seniors 12-15 and Rangers 15-17. There are also Tenderfoots, like our Rainbows, they only started in 2001 and unlike Rainbows, girls are only a Tenderfoot for one year before moving to Brownies.

The Brownie promise:
Watakushi wa:
Kami [hotoke] to kuni o aishi
Mainichi hitobito o tasuke
Tokuni uchino otetsudai o shimasu

The Brownie motto:
Te o kase

I promise to do my best:
To love God [Buddha] and my country
To help other people every day
Especially those at home

Motto: Lend a hand

Brownies wear a very sweet blue pinafore over a white blouse, with a blue sash for badges. I can't see my British Brownies happily wearing the pinafore but it is very cute!

Guiding was brought to Japan by a British missionary teacher called Miss Muriel Greenstreet. It was banned by the government during the Second World War and restarted in 1947.

The core of the Guiding programme in Japan is:
  • Self-development
  • Relationship with others
  • Enjoyment of outdoors

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KLo said...

So cool : ) I read through this with my daughter (she bridged from Daisies to Brownies in June), and she was fascinated. Thank you : )

Flat Brownie said...

Very interesting, thank you!

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