Thursday, 21 July 2011

What lies ahead?

Well, we've had our planning meeting for the September - December term, it's always good to do it before the summer hols start as it is so hard for us all to get together once we break up.

be studying Fair Trade, recycling things, learning about crime prevention, making toys and doing experiments, plus a party organised by my daughter as part of her work towards her Baden Powell Award.

The girls
can count a lot of what we do towards some of the Brownie badges too, so if any of the activities pique their interest, they could earn one or more of:
  • World Issues
  • Toymaker
  • Crime Prevention
  • Science Investigator.
They're all badges we've looked at before as a unit, but not with the girls we have now, so all fresh, and we're doing each in a different way too so it'll be fresh for us too.


Kelloggsville said...

I think our science investigator was when we did thevday tripto the London science museum. That was good. Bus there and back. Dropped off at door, group entrance etc. Easy,fun day. Am interested to see your world issues program. You going to Charnwood.

Jen said...

I've actually got off lightly for next term for reasons I'll chat to you via email some time. So I'm not running World Issues, or indeed any of the other badge-related nights, just the party one. Once we've done it, I'll fill you in on what my fellow Guider did.

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