Friday, 23 September 2011

Why should my kid join Scouts or Guides?

Well, us Guiding and Scouting leaders could tell you it's because it will build character and friendships, they will learn new skills, they'll discover the wider world and how they can contribute to it...and all of that is true.

But also, every term or so, you'll be able to get rid of your kid by giving her/him to us for the day while they go off on a fun day or another event. And if you are REALLY lucky, then even if you have two kids, sometimes event dates will coincide and your daughter will head off with the Guides on a day trip on the exact same day as your son has a Cub fun day and there is an overlap of five hours and you and your other half won't know what to do with yourselves!

Except, if this situation were to occur to me in the next, say, 24 hours, I'd know exactly what we're going to do: a few chores then off for a lovely pub lunch.

Of course the flip side is when you have children in different sections and they need to be in different places at the same time. Our Rainbows, Brownies and Guides can't have our usual meeting place this week coming and so Rainbows are going for a walk in a nearby village, Brownies are heading to a nearby shop to learn about Fair Trade and Guides are going for a chip walk. And one mum has a girl in each of the three sections and when she usually drops off one and collects the next from the same place, on this occasion she needs to be in two different places at 6pm. She'll work it out by sharing lifts, but I prefer my circumstances this time!


Kelloggsville said...

There are endless reasons why the kids should be there, if only parents saw what we see our gills would be stuffed with children and like you we're full already :) 5 whole hours alone! Enjoy. X

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

It never occurred to me to use Girl Scouts as childcare. ;-)

I hope you have a lovely lunch at the pub.

Anonymous said...

'tis just when your 2 explorer Scout sons and 1 Guide daughter all are in teams at the same camping competition but all have different arrival/start times, your Scouting hubby is in Wales with a totally different lot of Scouts, your Rainbow daughter needs to be at an event and you are supposed to beescorting a monkey at a Beaver Tug of War taking photos. Had to call in a lot of favours for that one!

This weekend a whole lot simplier, just dragged them all along to beaver camp to help (or participate in case of youngest).

Enjoy your lunch

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